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  1. A propos of nothing, I can report that my computer resolutely refuses to copy the name of Camestros, and instead offers suggestions as to how it might be spelt.

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    1. My Novel, Novella, and Series nominees were previously pretty much set because of all the reading I did of those lengths — but I’m squeaking in some last-minute reading of Short Stories and Novelettes, of which I’d read almost none. I’m sad to say that I found only 1 of the Nebula short story finalists award-worthy (but I do have 3 others already on my ballot which felt worthy). I’m looking at the Nebula Novelettes and those in the 2017 Recommended SFF thread, but if anyone wants to rave about a Novelette or Short Story here, I’ll give it a go in the few hours remaining. πŸ™‚

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  2. I did my last save at 11:59. I tried to do one more tweak and got the CLOSED sign. From 11:15 on, I looked exactly like panic blob. Even wearing purple!

    I didn’t get as many short stories as I wanted.

    Reminded hubby to do his — he was full up in BDP Long and Short and had one short story he liked. Some time may have been wasted on a spirited debate as to which ep’s of SHIELD and Expanse were best. We still disagreed. πŸ™‚

    @JJ: The Nebula finalists didn’t do it for me this year either.

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  3. I nominated rather a lot of people whose names appear here regularly for Fan Writer. I shan’t name names, but one of them sounds kinda like Stepson Malefactor. πŸ™‚ And Mike G, of course.

    It was only after I got the ballot done that I noticed it was very girly. I didn’t intend that, I had to look up the names of everyone b/c I only knew stories, but most of it was women.

    BDP Long and Short were pretty easy — as I said, I had to look up the SHIELD and Expanse eps, also the titles for the obligatory Doctor Who (12’s last or Bill’s last?). Long was easy. (WONDY! and Replicant Ryan)

    I’d thought I’d have nothing for Lodestar, since I generally skip YA, but as it turned out I’d accidentally read some! Oor Wombat’s “Orcus”, of course. The Wonder Woman novel that was in the spreadsheet I’d stumbled on. YA only in character age. And the second Arabella novel, ditto. And a few others which weren’t Hugo-worthy but we all need comfort reading.

    So the Princess of Themyscira appeared twice on my ballot. And a Time Lady, and LMB, and err’thang I had in Series is by women (last chance for Lady Trent), and other votes for queer men. The dudes did well in BDP short and long, editors, fan writers, Related.

    I did not EVEN get to the Retro.

    (brings up ballot…)

    Yep, Novel is 4 women and 1 transman. Novella’s all women, Novelette is 3 women, two LGBTQ men. Campbell’s all women. Series is all women except one dude who writes with the Mrs. Comics all got women in. Movies and TV mostly dudes. Fan Writer and Artist pretty even, ditto editors.

    It’s not my fault women are writing the coolest stuff with good combos of action and feels.

    My dark horse favorites that I really hope make it are “Winter Tide” by Ruthann Emrys and “River of Teeth” by Sarah Gailey. An alternate history where the Wild West is actually people riding hippos is SFnal enough for ME. And Wombat’s Orcus, of course, for All The Feels happy and sad. Pretty sure Murderbot is going to get in. And if “Monstress” Vol. 2 doesn’t make the ballot, I shall be Quite Vexed. Only one I buy in dead-tree, for the amazing art.

    I’m sure many pixels will be devoted to running the numbers to determine EPH effect after those are released.

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      1. The gender binary seems well and truly busted in SF. I easily could have had more LGBTQ too.

        But most of the people on my ballot are cis and all but one (or maybe 2, not sure) of the men are cis. Plenty of cis SWM on there as well. Almost of BDP are cis SWM, frankly, save a few women writing SHIELD, Patty Jenkins WW, and a woman director on Doctor Who. Graphic Novels also very dudely, although there are some women — some are non-white, and one Muslim b/c how can you not like Ms. Marvel?

        Also hoping SHIELD gets on the ballot somewhere for overall awesomeness. Both the Ghost Rider and Framework/LMD/Agents of Hydra arcs were teh awsum. I’d like more people to realize how good the show’s gotten. Last season was probably the best and is so SF and comic-booky I don’t think you could ask for anything more. Plus there were All The Feels. And Nazi-punching.

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      2. I actually did enjoy Agents of SHIELD quite a bit, but I gradually fell behind watching it sometime in season 2 and never really caught up again. That’s the problem with so many good series and so little time.


      3. Something similar happened in Germany. They first put it into a graveyard slot on a weekend and aired three or four episodes in a row, then it vanished altogether.

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    1. I don’t tally my noms beforehand to avoid feeling like I’m second guessing myself, but looking back now I see all my fiction categories are female-heavy. In fact, I only have 3 token men in 6 categories!
      My long lists are more balanced but still tend towards not-men (phrasing due to some NB authors on my list).
      I’m not sure what, if anything, that means. If I did a top ten then it’d be much more balanced so it could just be random chance. That said, I’m pleased that the venues I read and the reviewers I follow are clearly taking the best stories regardless.
      (My stats on PoC are pretty poor though – but again the longlists look better)

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    2. Lurkertype : as it turned out I’d accidentally read some! Oor Wombat’s β€œOrcus”, of course.

      Regrettably, this was published in its entirety in 2016 in serial form, and was not eligible this year. 😦


    3. I hadn’t thought to check my ballot for ratios of women and POC, but it turns out that my ballot was predominantly female — and though not heavy on POC, definitely much higher than it’s ever been before. It’s interesting to note that I especially seem to gravitate toward art (including graphic novels) by POC.

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    4. “It’s not my fault women are writing the coolest stuff with good combos of action and feels.”
      I first read that sentence as “with good combos of action and heels”, which seemed somehow appropriate.

      I was kind of meh on “Winter Tide” when I finished it, but I later decided that was unfair. The problem is that, by construction, it eliminates any possibility of Lovecraftian horror, which is what I was looking for: the Great Old Ones are just an alternate set of gods, who’ll eventually get their day. But it’s really well done, and I thought the whole ‘Deep Ones as interned enemy aliens’ take worked really well.

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      1. I don’t add many shows. I was kind-of watching SHIELD and seriously watching Agent Carter. When they canceled Carter, I said, “Aw, eff you, Marvel. I’m not watching any of your crap now.”

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      2. Agent Carter was definitely the best of the Marvel series. I could never get into the Netflix Marvel series set in Hell’s Kitchen at all. Jessica Jones was the only one I liked and I still find myself curiously uninterested in watching season 2.


    1. I’ll let my Mom know that you think she has good taste. πŸ™‚ Coincidentally, there was only one category (best dramatic presentation long) where my Mom and I had a 100% overlap of our ballots. And I was surprised that she went for Logan over Wonder Woman.

      I also certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Nora Roberts (either as herself or J.D. Robb), Patricia Briggs, Diana Gabaldon or Ilona Andrews on the Hugo ballot, either in best series (why aren’t you nominating the excellent series those writers are writing?) or best novel.


      1. I’m honestly surprised why the Outlander TV show doesn’t get more buzz in the SFF community, especially since Ron D. Moore is an SFF darling ever since Battlestar Galactica. Plus, he actually did a good job adapting the books.

        J.D. Robb can of course be nominated for best series every year and I will probably keep nominating her every year until she either wins or the series ends. I’m pretty sure my Mom would keep nominating her every year, too, but her nomination rights run out this year and she isn’t yet sure whether she’ll be healthy enough to go to Dublin next year.

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  4. Novel: three and a half women, one and a half men (but two of the women were the same person).
    Novella: two men.
    Series: three women, one man.
    YA: three women, one man (but two of the women were again the same person).
    Campbell: two women.

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    1. Since everybody is doing their gender breakdown, here’s mine:

      Novel: 4 women, 1 man, 1 POC, 1 LGBT
      Novella: 5 women, 1 LGBT
      Novelette: 3 men, 1 women, 1 non-binary, 3 POC, 4 LGBT
      Short story: 5 women, 2 POC
      Series: 5 women, 1 man,
      YA: 4 women, 1 man, 1 POC
      Campbell: 5 women, 1 POC, 2 LGBT

      And here is my Mom’s:
      Novel: 4 women, 2 men (3 women are actually the same person)
      Novella: 4 women, 1 man (2 women are the same person)
      Short story: 1 man
      Series: 4 women, 2 men
      YA: 1 man


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