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The first courtesy of Jim Henley:

Gun Culture And Wellness Culture Come From The Same Place
Fear. Suspicion of established authority. A feeling of intense disempowerment. People turn to guns for the comforts that others get from oils and energy crystals.

The second I saw in a tweet by N.K.Jemisin

Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns?
Research suggests it’s largely because they’re anxious about their ability to protect their families, insecure about their place in the job market and beset by racial fears

An older piece – one man’s story about how he became involved in “Men’s Rights” and how he got out.

I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
One man’s journey from misogyny to feminism
I discovered the men’s rights movement when I was 22, working at a bookstore in downtown Kelowna, British Columbia. I was trying to earn some money before starting my second year at university.

I was in the self-help section “facing” our most popular books — arranging them so their covers, and not their spines, faced outward — when I noticed the title Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture.

How the alt-right arepreying on depressed men online.

The Alt-right is recruiting depressed people
Alt-right figures are targeting vulnerable communities with videos and, unfortunately, it seems to be working.

A video on YouTube entitled “Advice For People With Depression” has over half a million views. The title is generic enough, and to the unsuspecting viewer, lecturer Jordan Peterson could even look legitimate or knowledgable — a quick Google search will reveal that he even spoke at Harvard once. But as the video wears on, Peterson argues that men are depressed and frustrated because they don’t have a higher calling like women (who, according to Peterson, are biologically required to have and take care of infants). This leaves weak men seeking “impulsive, low-class pleasure,” he argues. Upon first glance he certainly doesn’t seem like a darling of the alt-right, but he is.

I think this was already posted in the comments but I can’t find by whom – sorry, for not crediting them!

Infowars and Goop!

Goop and Infowars Have Way More in Common Than You Thought

On Thursday, Quartz posted an article revealing how the luxury lifestyle website Goop and the right-wing conspiracy hub Infowars essentially sell the same wellness products. This is remarkable — and hilarious — given that the two media platforms could not be targeting a more disparate audience: The former is essentially a sentient Instagram feed run by Gwyneth Paltrow that tells mostly affluent, mostly liberal readers how to live and what to buy. The latter is headed by always-shirtless conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, whose far-right fans believe Sandy Hook was a hoax and that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are literal demons. Nevertheless, Goop’s spiritual wellness products and Infowars’ virile supplements are just about the same thing. But dig a little deeper, and beneath the SoCal beauty of Goop and the underground paranoia of Infowars you may find that the two share more in common than just the “alternative” medicine they sell.

The alt-right and male virility

What Is It with the Alt-Right and Male Virility?

The alt-right is a loosely defined coalition of various far-right conservatives, hate groups, social regressives and conspiracy theorists. It’s a nebulous collection of what Hillary Clinton rightfully called a basket of deplorables, and, boy, they sure are making headlines lately with openly Nazi protests that feel more like a chan raid that got way out of hand than anything else.

There is one weird thing that does seem to unite a lot of these groups across their various denominations, though: male enhancement pills. There is an obsession with chemically restored virility.

But by the way these supplements and useless but mainly harmless

We Sent Alex Jones’ Infowars Supplements To A Lab. Here’s What’s In Them.
“You could grab a bottle for around $10 and skip the 2X+ price markup from Infowars,” one lab review reads.



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  1. That Scientific American article is damn scary. It just shows how much the election of Barack Obama pushed some of these people over the edge. “Obama’s presidency, they feared, would empower minorities to threaten their property and families.” Gah.

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    • With these people, it’s always the desire to protect their families/white women from some nebulous threat. We get a variation of this from anti-immigrant parties here in Germany. We must protect “our women” (TM) from all those young male immigrants, who apparently want nothing more than to rape the blonde daughters of college professors. Yes, someone actually voiced his concern for the blonde daughters of college professors – apparently raping brunette coal miners’ daughters is totally acceptable to these folks. It’s disgusting, especially since rightwing men are usually the biggest threat to the women in their orbit.

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  2. The article on the alt-right and depression is scary because I know too many people with depression (or anxiety, which can be tightly linked, many people have both and people with one sometimes look for info on sources for the other) including my husband. I would *like* to think he’d have seen through the recruitment efforts in the other life where that’s what he found, but … acceptance and can be a hell of a drug.

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  3. It’s not so much acceptance in a group they find, since these philosophies are not accepting, but instead have a toxic mix of regular criticism, continually changing rules of behavior, constant policing, challenging, arguing factions and punishment for not conforming, etc. These movements make white guys more anxious and depressed when they get into them, not less, and more scared of imaginary “threats” and often even more self-hating of themselves as losers, supposed outcasts and rabble-rousers. But the ideologies offer garbled explanations for how things got that way from supposed biological destiny to the evil external destroyers trying to usurp that biological destiny. It offers an affirmation of a supposed superiority and righteousness they possess that might be accessed (and might even be profitable,) and is always under siege by supposed inferiors, gives an illusion of control by being a glorious rebel warrior, homesteading survivalist or edgy saboteur, maybe conducting your suicide in a mass shooting blaze of glory that makes a statement. They promote nihilism and apocalyptic grandeur where the system they think they’ve failed in and that keeps changing on them would break down and they get to set up a new “order.” And then, when that happens, they hope to be accepted and to be on top. Or sadly, to have died for that cause.

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  4. The “Thing” is indeed very big and thing-like. Some of you may recognize JBP’s strain in other male “public intellectual” academics like Niall “the British empire was great” Ferguson who recently organized a invitation-only conference on history and public policy at the (conservative) Hoover institute located on Stanford’s campus. It has initiated a firestorm on twitter, the NYT and elsewhere because it was all white men (“multiple Steves and Pauls, in one critic’s memorable phrase), and the hashtag

    Brooke Newman wrote: “Ferguson is distressed by what he views as a dangerous “structural shift in the field, w/ an increasing number of historians who specialize in women and gender, cultural history, and the history of race and ethnicity.” “Gender,” he argues, “is now the single most important subfield within the academy. These “transformations” of the discipline “are generally celebrated as a triumph for ‘diversity”; but “I fear this triumph has come at a significant price.” As a consequence, he said, “not all historical subjects are equal” in the public arena. When asked about gender & diversity, he said: “I’ve taught at Harvard for 12 years. I think I have some awareness of this issue.. We’re all perfectly aware of this…” RIGHT. Bottom line: Naill Ferguson is an irrelevant prick. And he knows it.”

    So, there you have it. “Has come at a significant price” ….. passes through decoder ring …. = inclusion of women, POC, gender “diversity” etc = declining standards, affirmative action in the name of political correctness. Because none of those issues are at all relevant to a high-profile symposium on history and public policy. JBP could hardly have put it better. — Toronto, Harvard, Stanford. It’s almost as though exclusionary elite institutions perpetuate exclusionary elitism!

    One assumes that Ferguson served lobsters at his fancy Hoover boys only tree house conference. Lobsters for the lobster goddesses! Sausages for the sausage kings.


    • The difference between Ferguson and Petersen is that Ferguson can write coherently (if misleadingly) – and once upon a time I’d have said the likes of Ferguson is more dangerous but I’m not so sure now. Petersen is more devoted to obfuscation and untruth and that makes his life easier.


      • PS — apparently the lady historians are preparing “binders of women” to send to Ferguson for his future reference. 🙂

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  5. I didn’t know that Peterson was the Canadian prof who threw the fit about government guidelines forcing him to respect people’s pronouns. So that explains why his lobster thing got so much media play, besides being weird and random — he made himself a figure of controversy which allowed him then to push himself as an intellectual who has deep insight into answers of pressing cultural problems he invents himself. Ferguson is more retro in technique, but probably less retro macho in content. He’s taking the fake “merit” approach. Which is again feudalistic — the white men and their history was the noble, valuable, superior part of history, and moving away from that or piercing its bubble downgrades that status, which is dog whistled in as a decline of quality and rigor.

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