Reading Peterson 9.5 – Just a couple of odds and ends

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I’ve got some things that I wanted to put somewhere but which don’t fit.

First of all this Gizmodo article about the improbably named Napoleon Hill:

Secondly it was suggested to me that:

“Jordan Bernt Peterson’s Id”

is an anagram of

“Robert Jordan Penis Ends”.

Unfortunately I haven’t checked if this is true but it is close enough to warrant investigation. Certainly the emphasis on myth determing the present, sharp gender roles, eternal suffering, yin-yang symbols and seemingly endless paragraphs means “12 Rules for Life” could be read as really weird Wheel of Time fanfiction featuring lobsters. Apologies to Rand Al’Thor fans (but come on! He’s called “Rand” for fnck’s sake!).





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  1. Oh, man! Napoleon Hil!

    My friend and (briefly) roommate back in the Colorado days had a copy of Hill’s ten-volume The Laws of Success, and I made it all the way into the fourth one before they were no longer available to me. They weren’t large books, they were about the size of paperbacks, and more thin than thick, but interesting in their way. I’ve looked in many bookstores, and seen copies of Think and Grow Rich (pretty sure I have one somewhere), but they were the only copies of those red hardbacks that my roommate swore by.

    This, by the way, was when I lived in Estes Park and pedaled to The Stanley Hotel to play a piano in the ballroom, sometimes pausing to gaze at Sousa’s autograph, neatly penned on the soundboard.

    Hill (I don’t know if this is in the article or not. I’m less than a quarter of the way through it.) was a strong believer in “the master mind,” which was what you get with several like-minded individuals working together on a common project. I could see instances of this in group projects like animation. He also had a section that I copied out (which might be somewhere in my paper junk still) on how to know a man. It doesn’t mention women, but from what I’ve read in the article so far, his interest in ‘knowing’ women was in more of what we call ‘a biblical sense’ anyway.

    I’ve never tried to go into business using his principles, but that little section still seems useful to me in a way he didn’t intend. Paraphrasing what I remember, if you would know a man, you observe him in success, in failure, in happiness, in sorrow, in ease, in adversity, and when he does not know he is observed. These always seemed to me to be a good way for a writer to think of his characters, and I would change the observation part to something about showing your character to your audience.

    The Virginia historical marker is a hoot! At some point, I have gone to a website that lists and details all such markers in the commonwealth, but never ran across that (in any sense).

    I learned the location of my former roommate a couple of years ago, but haven’t inflicted myself on him, though he is one of the people from my past that I’d be interested in having communication with. I felt the urge again briefly on seeing the article, but it has passed.

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