Timothy and Heinlein

A rare picture from our archives.


Robert Heinlein is about to pick up that “pesky cat”. Sadly the subsequent incident in which “harsh words” were exchanged between these two sci-fi greats was not captured on film.

5 thoughts on “Timothy and Heinlein

  1. At first glance, I thought Bob was about to bring Timothy back from the dead. Instead, I see he was about to make Timothy dead, which requires fewer messianic abilities.

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  2. I heard a rumor from a SMOF that after that incident, I think at a SFWA party, Heinlein said, “I love all cats… except that !@#$% Timothy.”

    True story. It wasn’t Mike, though he probably knows the guy who told me.

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  3. “Fear and Loathing in Bortsworth”
    Starring Hunter S. Thompson as Robert Heinlein, and Johnny Depp as Timothy TT Cat

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