5 thoughts on “(Belated) Sunday Beer- Rum Soaked Belgian Quad

  1. But was it any good?? I like beer aged in bourbon barrels, so I’m at least open to the idea of rummy beer. Not sure about the raisins, though.


    1. And btw, you may not be a fermentologist, but according to the %alcohol on that label, you may be well-preserved after drinking the whole can! 😉


  2. Well, of course you deny it. See, the can clearly describes a “Belgian Sojourn”, providing the final piece of the puzzle linking you and STEPSON MALEFACTOR. Wheels within wheels! The truth is out there!

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  3. I would definitely try that, although I’m not sure about raisins and beer. Rum, yes, but beer? With that ABV, they likely didn’t taste like raisins at all any more.

    I got a small bag of chocolate covered raisins for free last night at the candy store. Was very nice for after dinner, to walk around munching from it as we perused lots of collectibles. There are way too many POP! characters now.

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