Month: Mar 2018

  • Ask A Triceratops! – TTFN!

    “Hi Susan. This is Bob from Fungus Town. Are you coming back soon? A giant bird ate Simon. Also Triceracopter doesn’t seem to be around? Have you seen them anywhere? It is weird that you are both away at the same time? Hoping you might have bumped into them on your travels. All the Best, […]

  • Reviews, aggregation and consent to be talked about

    The fandom theme of the week for me seems to be on the topic of consent to be talked about. I’ll start with the absurd and work my way to the more subtle. The absurd first of all. Science fiction writer Richard Paolinelli kicked off my week with this tweet: Can @AusFedPolice tell me if […]

  • Back in control…

    Having dodged the nationwide manhunt for Canberra’s most-wanted renegade blogger and succesfully navigated at least two space-stations (OK maybe they were airports but they felt like space-stations), I’ve got the keys back to the blog. Susan T. has a final farewell post (for the time being) and Tim and I are gearing up for Hugo […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! – All Aboard For Fungus Town!

    “What is it like living in fungus town? Are the fungus people aggressive? Is it true that they are all zombies?” G. Romero “Hi Susan, I hope I’m not being too nosy, but I was curious about your ‘copter. Is it a harness you can take off? or is it a cyborg enhancement? or were […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! – Inter-species Dinosaur Culture

    Ed asks me a question about my recent column: “Why is this one “Ask a Dinosaur”? Do triceratops speak for ALL dinosaurs??” I felt the question for that column was about the wider distributed culture of dinosaurs. As you may be aware from such drama-documentaries as ‘The Land Before Time’ or Disney’s ‘Dinosaur’, Cretaceous dinosaurs […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! – We Make Good Pets

    “What is the best pet for a writer to own?” Brian Wilson Sound question Brian! Some popular choices include: Micro-raptor – like owning a small flightless bird but beware! Do not own more than three as they can take down a much larger dinosaur when they hunt in teams. Pterodactyl – don’t let those big […]

  • A Letter From Amazing Stories

    I finally got a chance to check my emails during my wanderings. There was an email from Ira Nayman about the Amazing Stories Kickstarter campaign. Most of the text is below: “I’m following up on an email you should have received last week about the relaunch of Amazing Stories as a print fiction magazine. Here […]

  • Ask A Triceratops! – Technology!

    “If we lived in the future and we had teleporters and I wrote a story which had teleporters in it, would it still be science fiction?” B.M. Upscotty Maybe. Imagine you wrote your story as a 1960s story about teleporters. If you did it would still be like a science fiction story from that time […]

  • Iron man is after me

    I’d escaped Australia well in advance of the pursuit by the feds but it seems they’ve called in The Avengers to track me down extra-judicially You’ll never take me alive Tony!

  • Ask A Triceratops! – A Villain With Class

    Dear Susan: Is it okay if I make the T. Rex my villain? I don’t want to run afoul of the T-Rex agenda. Also, do dinosaurs have class issues? If so, what are they? delagar Hello again Delagar! Nice to hear from you again! Dinosaurs are wonderfully open minded and have ZERO class prejudices. I […]

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