6 thoughts on “Sunday Beer: More Ginger!

  1. This is actual beer-beer that is with ginger?

    My experience with ginger beer was with a soft drink. My friend Mike and I were in Colonial Williamsburg (a hop from my house at the time) on a hot day, and we went to a sandwich place for eats. The sandwich came with a soft beverage of choice, and I contemplated the items in the cooler. My eyes lit on the clear bottle of ginger beer. Ah! I’d never tried it. I imagined something sweet and gingery. Mike got one too, and we sat down to eat. First, though, a sip, for it was hot. I think I had a gulp. It’s hard to remember exactly, because in the next second I was smote with a club made of pure ginger, which blinded me, took my breath away, and left every cell in my body tingling with an unwelcome ginger glow. It was as if a ginger mine had gone off in my head. I wheezed and gasped and teared up, finally regaining my breath. I put the bottle to one side.

    Mike put his bottle, unopened, to one side as well.

    I tried to eat my sandwich, but every bite tasted like ginger. The pickle tasted like ginger. The air tasted like ginger. Everything I could see was somehow tinged with the unholy tint of ginger.

    It was not a completely satisfying experience.


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