Sunday Beer: Tonic Witbier & Gin?!?!!

I’m a tad late with Sunday Beer but to make up for that I’m also drinking gin. Why yes! Tonic beer by ‘Doctors OrdersBrewing’ suggests adding a shot of gin to this beer – so I did.

I lived to tell the tale.

To be honest the net effect was oddly neutral. It didn’t taste particularly gin-like but post beer burps did.

It did mean I could transport the house under the crust of the Klingon homework’s though.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Beer: Tonic Witbier & Gin?!?!!

  1. Hmm, I like beer and I like a G&T, but combining them sounds wrong to me.

    This weekend’s alcohol adventure was a friend demonstrating the correct way to drink absinthe, which involves a special glass with the absinthe in a reservoir in the bottom, adding water by pouring through a spoon with a sugar cube on it, pausing while it all goes cloudy, then taking a judicious sip that confirms that absinthe isn’t really that nice and why the heck did people ever drink it?


  2. I’m not a big fan of adding things to beer. The only bad beer I ever found in Germany was a Berliner Weisse mit schuss grün already added (some kind of nasty green syrup). It was vile.

    Although the gin has to be better.

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    1. There’s nothing wrong with a good shandy (beer and lemonade).

      And not exactly an “additive”, but I really like the sort of beer that’s aged in used bourbon barrels.

      I can’t drink gin, though. One small mixed drink containing gin is the only thing that has ever given me a bad hangover. I’ve avoided gin ever since!


      1. I was going to say I never had a shandy, but I remembered I’ve had Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. Wasn’t bad, but I never bought it again.

        I do have to admit that I like a well-done fruit beer. Typically this involves adding real fruit right as fermentation begins; artificial flavors generally just don’t work (unless you like that cough syrup flavor). Boon Kriek and New Glarus Belgian Red are examples of this that I think work well.

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  3. I had an unfortunate encounter with shandy as a teenager:
    My oldest sister’s friend offered me a beer I didn’t want (incipient migraine, hot day, weirdness).
    I asked for a lemonade, but, without telling me, he got all smirky and brought me a shandy instead.
    And proceeded to prod me into saying I liked it, and watched to make sure I actually drank the damned thing, before the Big Reveal.
    Being a polite child in the presence of adult sister’s adult friend who had bought me a gift, of course I said that yes I did like it (although, in fact, I thought it was icky then, and I think I’d find it icky now).
    And I did manage to drink some appreciable amount of the thing.
    The creep spent the rest of the evening patting himself on the back with frequent I-told-you-so’s that politeness (and crabbiness of aforementioned sister) required that I not contradict.
    I did not publicly barf.
    But I would never, ever, do that to a beer.

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    1. I was once unexpectedly sick in the restroom of a tour bus in England in 1997. The water in the sink wasn’t working, so I bought a shandy from the driver to wash it all down, not wanting to leave it like that. I may have had a sip from the can to get the barf taste out, but then again, I might not have seen it as an improvement. I don’t recall now. Ya do what you have to do.

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      1. Well, ’96 or ’97. Anyway, the first time we went to England. It’s true, though. I put in thousands of miles on buses, and the only other time I recall being sick, I was able to get out and find a secluded spot to put my breakfast. I remember the year of that one as well, because that one was the worst trip I ever took. Fire ants, defective gas gauges, and a hurricane were involved.

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