Month: Feb 2018

  • Reading Peterson So You Don’t Have To – Part 1

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12,… I had largely ignored Jordan Peterson over the past few months as he oddly became a favourite of the alt-right. From my cursory glance, it seemed little more than an academic […]

  • Kurt Russell – Space Dad

    That should be a title for a film. I hadn’t really noticed before until rewatching Soldier the other day, but Kurt Russell being a space dad is a trope in itself. Obviously it reached its apotheosis in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in which Russell is Ego the Living Planet and dad to Starlord. […]

  • Another Forgotten Space Junkyard: Solider (1998)

    In a search for forgotten space junkyard, I’d forgotten the Kurt Russell film Soldier. It’s not a great film but it is a curiosity. The cast is surprisingly good for a film that feels like the long tail of 1980s SF action movies that somehow reached into the late 1990s. You can see a young […]

  • Sunday Beer: Red Eye Rye

  • Plot territory: Future Junkyards

    I was going to say that they seem to be everywhere these days but actually I can only think of three recent ones. But three is a lot right? The junkyard in Becky Chamber’s A Closed and Common Orbit (reviewed here). The book has two interwoven stories one about an AI trying to live as […]

  • More Bad Ideas from the Gun Crowd

    I covered Sarah Hoyt’s incoherent pro-gun argument the other day here. Larry Correia has had a few things to say also but mainly on Facebook (he’s been slowly depoliticising his blog for a while). It is mainly the usual stuff that I’ve covered here before – encourage teachers to carry concealed weapons. Correia’s theory is […]

  • Anti-Gun Control Arguments Haven’t Become Any Smarter or More Honest

    Dishonesty remains at the core of anti-gun control arguments and I note that regardless of evidence, shifting policies, or gun control experiments in countries other than the US, these arguments have barely shifted in decades. Here’s the failed Sad Puppies 5 leader Sarah Hoyt Here’s a summary of the arguments deployed: Self Defence: Hoyt […]

  • How Views of Trump Change on the Right

    I drew a little schematic of an idea to try and show how some on the right have reacted to Trump. I’ve naturally focused on my intentionally weird sample of Puppies/right-leaning SF writers. It is also not intended to be particularly accurate at this point – more of a rough sketch of how I see […]

  • Timothy the Talking Cat is Doing a Thing

    [From the desk of Timothy the Talking Cat] Timothy the Talking Cat, the world’s leading editor of books who is also a cat (that is: he’s an editor who is a cat not an editor of books that are also cats because that would make no sense), will be DOING A THING. Frankly, Timothy is […]

  • Review: Black Panther

    [Spoilers are avoided] Interesting movies should offer lots of potential for disappointment and good, interesting movies create their own pitfalls and somehow avoid them. Black Panther had lots of capacity to be awful – the concept of a hidden kingdom in the centre of Africa was used in the original comics as the background for […]

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