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I don’t usually do book promotions (except inept ones for the cat) but I did just buy a couple of books and hey, it might be nice if others bought them as well.

This fantasy tale looks like the start of an interesting series:

And it has a sequel!


On a different note, I was asked what other ways could readers help ensure that writers get paid? Good question made up voice asking me questions to provide appropriate prompts to answers! One way is a thing called a Patreon – essentially a way of providing a small but steady flow of money to writers.

Here is an example of a Patreon:

Looks like a worthwhile place to spend your money.

14 thoughts on “Book Promo

  1. I have read both books. I can testify that they are fantastic portal fantasies that interrogate the form of portal fantasy (in a way that Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children stories do) and they are most excellent examples of the form at the same time.

    Read them!

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  2. They are sitting on the top of the TBR pile.
    I was working through her stuff chronologically, and haven’t gotten there yet, being a bit slowed in my reading because of unexpected eye surgery (eep).

    … I really liked The Rare books, but am left hanging because Book 3 hasn’t happened.
    I may never trust again.
    (Nearly as bad as Rosemary Edgehill’s Twelve Treasures books which stopped mid-series in 1996, leaving me forever pining for the resolution of class conflict in high fantasy.)

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