Is Lorca really Acrol or maybe Carol?

In the comments to my last post on Star Trek Discovery, Peer speculated whether Captain Lorca is perhaps from the Mirror universe.

The speculation isn’t new – Lorca’s general demeanour alone fuels speculation – but episode 10 provided a lot more fuel.

Discovery is now in the Mirror universe and once there they learn:

  • Mirror Lorca is on the run after attempting a coup and nobody can find him
  • Before he disappeared he killed Mirror Michael
  • There had been at least one previous incursion from the Federation universe to the Mirror one.

All that hints at Mirror Lorca (aka Acrol) having escaped the mirror universe.

In addition the Lorca is Acrol theory explains:

  • Why Lorca recruited Michael
  • Why Lorca pushed Stamets and was researching parallel universe connected by the spores
  • Why he has anger issues
  • Why he previously sacrificed his crew
  • Why he keeps wanting to grow a goatee

Discovery has been a very variable series in terms of quality but they’ve done well in engendering speculation.

On a seperate note on our previous Alice Through the Looking Glass speculation, note that Evil Tilly aka Captain Killy is a Red Queen.

7 thoughts on “Is Lorca really Acrol or maybe Carol?

  1. “Discovery has been a very variable series in terms of quality but they’ve done well in engendering speculation.”
    Indeed. And without falling into the “Lost-Trap” of trying to outthink everyone else and not resolving anyting.
    Im pretty sure, Lorca is from the mirror universe (also see “Sleeping with a phaser under the pillow”) at this point, but Im confident, that they will resolve this issue at some point and not just exchange it with a set of numbers or japanese vocabulary

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  2. A Red Queen who turned blonde though?

    Mirror-Lorca is still plausible IMO, he’d have to be playing a ridiculously clever game though.
    The way he “found” out about the other Federation vessel in the mirror universe was very convenient, and he quickly closed down any idea of just trying to get the spore drive working again.

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  3. Also, does Lorca going out of his way to recruit Burnham now make more sense? Instead of a slightly vague “he recognises she’s ultra competent and is more concerned about winning than morality” it’s now that she’s a brilliant choice to infiltrate the mirror universe with, bc of who she is/was over there.

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  4. While your suggestion makes sense, I was assuming the “previous incursion” was the spatial-temporal rift that brought the 23rd century Prime Universe USS Defiant through to the 22nd century Mirror Universe, as chronicled in that Enterprise two-parter that was so exciting I can never remember its name. (It’s an important historical event in the Mirror Universe, after all – marks the accession of Empress Sato to the throne. And also explains why they have technological parity with the 23rd Century, I guess.)

    I’m vaguely unhappy at the idea of Lorca being acroL, though. It seems something of a cop-out to put all the blame for his general appalling Lorca-ness on “oh, he’s from the Mirror Universe, he doesn’t know any better”. I’d sort of prefer to believe in a Prime Universe Lorca who has made his own moral choices and is a horrible, horrible person entirely in his own right.

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    1. Oh wait, the Mirror Universe has an Empress? (I never watched Enterprise)
      Wasn’t there a line in the ep about the Emperor’s name not being known?

      I suddenly have an idea about how they can rectify their wastefulness in killing off a certain Captain in the first few episodes….

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      1. Brief summary of the Enterprise mirror universe two-parter – the USS Defiant, when it vanished into an interspatial rift in the TOS episode “The Tholian Web”, drifted both backwards and sideways in time, and wound up in the Mirror Universe at the time of ENT. It was taken off the Tholians by the mirror NX-01’s crew, and (being a century ahead of them in technology), naturally became a prize worth fighting over. When the backstabbing and infighting finished, and the Defiant reached Earth, Hoshi Sato (mirror counterpart of the NX-01’s communications officer) was the last person standing, and announced herself as “Empress Sato” on the basis that the Defiant could beat any or all of the then Emperor’s ships. So that’s how the Terran Empire had at least one Empress.

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