File Experiment

I’m seeing what e-book formats I can make and host somewhere. Unfortunately WordPress will only allow PDF. However, my Neocities site (aka the Attic Workshop) will allow epub* (but not mobi). They don’t like hotlinking so here is a publisher page where you can get the epub version (possibly mangled) version of Beware the Annotated Cat – my translation of a classic work from Early Modern English to Late Stage Capitalism Pre-Collapsarian English.

Check it out and tell me if it works.

*[epub doesn’t appear on their file-type whitelist but it seems to work]


12 thoughts on “File Experiment

  1. A quick look using Aldiko on Android reveals it opens and contains words.
    I don’t know if it’s intentional, but the sub sections in each chapter with the original text (e.g. TO THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL…. , THE ARGUMENT) are acting like separate chapters, starting in a new page and having a TOC entry.


  2. My zip file has an OPF file in it, not an EPUB. When I try to open the OPF in Calibre, I just get a bunch of error messages.

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    1. I think epub is a zip file with specific contents and the .epub extension? I’m not on my desktop to check, but what happens if you point calibre at the zip itself rather than the contents?


    2. That makes me curious, what kind of file did you actually get?

      The page gives me an epub file, named “bewaretheANNOTATEDcat.epub”, of 479 kB (490 983 byte). Mark is right that an epub is a zip file with specific content, and one of the files is an opf file, which for this epub is called epb.opf and is 7 385 bytes.

      The opf file is xml with references to all the other files. Calibre can read opf files – and with a default installation it’s attached to the doubleclick command on opf files – but a useful result depends on all the other files being in their proper location relative to the opf. Calibre will show an error message if the other files are not present.

      So based on your description, it looks like the Neocities page have delivered you a zip with one file out of the epub, instead of the actual epub file – but that would be very odd behaviour from the hosting service.


    1. Mark, I think you were the one to first bring Good Show Sir to my attention, and I thank you for the hours of amusement via bad book covers that have been brought to me thusly.

      A recent post shows some of the covers being re-enacted by actual fen (I think in Helsinki), and is not to be missed.


  3. Looks fine here, using the reader that comes with Calibre for Windows. It also gets a thumbs-up from the Epub validation thingy, which Mr Calibre doesn’t regard as necessary. I check all my home-made ebooks with this, after discovering that some Calibre-created Epubs which display OK in the Calibre app but don’t pass the validator could make my horrible old Kobo reader freeze up by their mere presence.


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