Month: Jan 2018

  • Book Promo

    I don’t usually do book promotions (except inept ones for the cat) but I did just buy a couple of books and hey, it might be nice if others bought them as well. This fantasy tale looks like the start of an interesting series: And it has a sequel!   On a different note, I […]

  • Dave’s little list

    OK, it maybe Victorian cultural appropriation but time for a bit of light comic opera from Gilbert and Sullivan: As some day it may happen that a victim must be found I’ve got a little list — I’ve got a little list Of society offenders who might well be underground And who never would be […]

  • Unfortunately MGC Can’t Publish IP Addresses

    While I’m keen for Dave to show us his “proof’, when looking at the terms and conditions for WordPress hosted blogs (like this one and Mad Genius), the section defining ‘Private Information” says: We consider publication of certain information to be a privacy violation. Information that we consider to be private include: Social Security or […]

  • Star Trek Discovery – What’s Past is Prologue

    Smash bang@! Pew-pew! Boom! Arrrrgghhh! Zap! Look you can’t say this wasn’t fun. Sure there were lots of plot holes but they were classic Star Trek plot holes (mainly). Maybe ‘let’s jump the guards’ is not a good plan but canonically it frequently works in the Trek universe. There’s not much to say about the […]

  • Two Posts Relevant to the Freer Piece

    Jim C Hines has answered Dave Freer’s post here: Foz Meadows has written a very moving piece here: There’s a core issue here. Dave Freer appears to literally be unable to imagine the various people he is attacking now as human beings. The people applauding his honesty at Mad Genius, when a simple 2 […]

  • Discovery Review Delayed…

    Sorry. I was having Netflix issues. Have just watched it over breakfast (I’m an early riser) but have to put my thoughts in order etc.

  • An Open Letter to Dave Freer

    My previous attempts to explain this don’t seem to have sunk in yet, so let me say it again. I am not in anyway that I am aware of related to, married to, employed by or have ever even met Foz Meadows or Toby Meadows. All I know of them is what I’ve read on […]

  • Review: The Only Harmless Great Thing by Brooke Bolander

    I made a bad personal choice on reflection – I should have saved this novella for a different week and found a comfort read. Instead, I read this in a surreal rollercoaster week and while this isn’t a specifically Le Guin like the book there are enough elements (one in particular with a human negotiating […]

  • Review: The Shape of Water

    Underneath, there is a shallow plot that could have been a children’s adventure story – and that is a good thing. What if…Beauty and the Beast and beauty was the creature from the black lagoon? What if…ET but filmed so it looked like The City of Lost Children complete with accordion music? A confident film […]

  • Was Antonelli Set Up?

    This piece isn’t an attempt to evoke sympathy for Lou Antonelli or suggest he isn’t responsible for his own actions but I do genuinely wonder if he was set up by others. I’m still piecing together recent events. There are two elements here: Dave Freer’s nutty theory about me. Lou Antonelli’s doxxing attempt*. Looks like […]

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