Sunday Oh My! What am I Drinking?

The things I get for Christmas. It’s some sort of spirit and apparently Hungarian. Not sure if it will kill me or give +10 Resistance to Magic Attacks.

Happy New Year (assuming I survive).

10 thoughts on “Sunday Oh My! What am I Drinking?

  1. If you start dancing and lip-synching as Justin Timberlake “Baby’s Got Zwack” you’ll know: 1) you’ve had too much, and 2) it’s starting out as a happy new year.

    Also: Happy New Year.

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  2. There’s a bottle of that in a friends liquor cabinet. I gave it the traditional “sniff sniff…what the heck’s in this” test, and then put it back.


      1. “The world’s most heavily peated single malt has had a brobdingnagian effect on a world aching for a challenge to comfortable convention.”

        Did it have a brobdingnagian effect on your world and where you aching for a challenge to comfortable convention? If so, that’s powerful peat 🙂


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