6. Ask A Triceratops


This week I take a look at choosing a program to write with:

“Dear Susan,
Top five writing programs?

Mrs. Type Cast”

I just use Notepad because I eschew formatting. I asked around to see what everybody else uses:

  • Camestros: First choice is Excel, then Word, then Pages (Mac), then Text Wrangler, then Notepad++ (he was unwilling to accept that Excel is not a writing program)
  • Timothy: Libre Office, Word
  • Straw Puppy: Scrivener
  • Mr Atomic: internal OS text editor
  • Random squirrel teasing Timothy: Microsoft Publisher
  • Nice Lady from the Post Office: Adobe In-Design (Creative Cloud)
  • Bortsworth Drycleaners: GNU emacs
  • Shadowy figure spotted in the abandoned Woolworths: astral projection of blood that seeps through the plaster of your walls

There are so many choices! Pick one that has the features you need for the writing you want to do. The only one I’d advise against is the one based on an ancient eldritch evil that may consume your soul i.e Microsoft Publisher.


13 thoughts on “6. Ask A Triceratops

      1. I still have my first blocky 386 laptop with WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS on it, and a box of 5 inch floppies.


  1. Oh dear. I use an old DOS WordPerfect 5.1 for [this], some much newer versions of WordPerfect for [that and the other], Libre Office for [anything that requires the horror of opening Word documents], and two different varieties of entirely home-made software for the twin horrors of [SF Encyclopedia] and [everything else but mostly ebooks]. I think Notepad comes into it somewhere too, but only because I haven’t got around to changing the default for .txt files.


  2. Word Perfect for DOS is popular with many dinosaurs who appreciate original dominate lifeforms.


    1. Blue screen and command code swoon. WP for DOS 5.1…. paradoxically makes one a jurasically early adopter and a proud, showy, late, non-adopter 🙂

      Are triceratopses thus the hipsters of the dinosaur world?


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