Return of the People Having a Nice Nap

Continued from the earlier post.

Frankly events take an alarming turn now. Our friends’ holiday adventures go seriously awry when they run into trouble with a local mobster, Jaba the Hutt. Poor Han was not only kidnapped but frozen!

Leia tries to rescue him from the local nightspot where Han is being used as a wall decoration (is this a dream sequence?) but is captured and forced to wear impractical swim wear despite having no access to the swimming pool.

Luke then turns up and has a go at the local version of bull fighting. This is ill advised behaviour for a tourist.

Later everybody goes for a nice cruise over the sand dunes and people take turns in jumping into the local tentacle patch.

Leia persuades Jaba to have a nap.

After all that excitement the friends head off to seperate destinations.

Luke goes back to his swamp gym but his trainer Yoda is tired and has a nap.

Leia and Han go on another space cruise.

Later they all meet up to ride speeder bikes in a forest. They meet some teddy bears.

Nothing happens.

Then they have a big party and there are fireworks. Luke makes a bonfire.

Various people wake up from their nap and watch the fireworks.

The End