Spoiler Free Review: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

It’s good. I wouldn’t say brilliant but it certainly has its moments. Much better than any of the prequels and nothing truly horrible about it. There are moments where you thing the story is going one way and then it doesn’t.

There is a self conciousness about the film with respect to The Empire Strikes back including some obvious nods but this isn’t like A New Hope versus The Force Awakens. The film has its own story that follows naturally from the previous one and it ends in an interesting but unusual way for a Star Wars film.

I’m going to say it is the most left-leaning of the Star Wars films. This isn’t because it expresses any overtly left sentiments – as we’ve seen many times the right are happy to cast themselves as the rebels or see The Empire as communism etc rather than space nazis, and while we are here lets not forget the huge capitalist force pulling in all the money from this film. Even so, it has an aesthetic and awareness of ‘The Resistance” that won’t sit comfortably with the right and a sense in which the force of good here is not the defenders of the status quo but people who might want to make the lives of people better. The unadressed issues of shitty the Republic was in the prequels being hinted at as something the good guys are opposed to.

Kylo Ren is growing on me as a character. He still is the angry and whiny man from Episode 7 but there are layers and a system to him.

Not many mysteries answered. I hope this isn’t verging too much on spoilers but there is an unreliable revelation about Ray’s parentage that I hope they are sticking with.

My main complaint: not enough R2 in this film.

If you like Star Wars then you’ll enjoy this I think. If you don’t, then you might not like but it has a bit more too it than the last one.


One thought on “Spoiler Free Review: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

  1. Good to see this review, which tends to support others I’ve heard. The anti-SJW crowd has, I think, already convinced themselves that it’s an outrage. Might as well put this here, inspired by the last one:

    Poe, a flier, a fleet male flier;
    Rey, who scavenges a bit;
    Maz, a host who knows the most;
    Finn, a white shirt drone who quit;
    Snoke, a hologram quite tall;
    Ren, a very angry joe;
    Beeb, a droid head on a ball;
    Which will bring us back to Poe!

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