A Minor Retraction on Earlier Voter Fraud Posts

Oh, wayyyy back before the bicycle chain of reality slipt off the cogs of history, I posted some stuff about voter fraud Oh what innocent times they were!

Oh, how I scoffed about actual cases of individual voting fraud! One of the main reasons I scoffed was because it is such a daft and counter-productive idea that requires a lack of ethics, poor planning, bad foresight and a high chance of getting caught. Who would do such a thing!

Ah! My error was that ‘lack of ethics, poor planning, bad foresight’ does describe a group of politically motivated people. We might call them “GOP supporters/officials”


“Curtis, who since his political career has hosted a talk show on the conservative Aurora radio station KLZ-AM 560, remained stoic behind a set of sunglasses as his ex-wife, the prosecution’s first witness, took the stand. She and Curtis were married for only nine months, she said, during 2015. During that time, she lived with him at his house in Firestone, and she registered to vote at that address.

However, she said, she and Curtis separated in December 2015, and she later moved to Charleston, S.C., where she tried to register to vote for the 2016 election. She missed the deadline, though, and was told to call Colorado.

By the time she spoke to employees of the Weld County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, she said, Steve Curtis had already cast her vote.

“(The clerk and recorder’s office employee) proceeded to tell me I had already voted and the ballot and the envelope was sitting right there and had already been counted,” Kelly Curtis said.”

Ironically, the story still helps demonstrate that this kind of voter fraud (as opposed to wide scale voter supression) has little impact on US elections.

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  1. Ah, KLZ! What memories that brings back of my childhood in northern Colorado. KLZ and KOA were two of the oldest stations: You could tell by the three-letter call signs. KLZ-TV changed years ago (KMGH, because McGraw-Hill had it for a while, but what idiot throws away a three-letter name?), and their FM station changed to KAZY, because stupid. This was back when stations were dumbing their names down to one letter for most purposes: “This is Q103!”, causing me to predict that they’d soon be calling themselves by simple animal names, like Cow.

    Sorry to see KLZ has gone under to con/talk format. At least it wasn’t KOA, though, which not only was the only Colorado station I could get in Texas and Virginia, but every now and then, Dad mentions that he played piano on there live one time, performing Debussy’s “Petite Suite” with someone else whose name I’ve forgotten.

    Not sure what the deal is with Republicans committing voter fraud. Maybe it’s because they accuse Democrats of doing it, and since projection is their tell, they feel obliged to do it themselves. This also seems to happen with gay sex, abortions, and other things that are awful when liberals do them.

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    • Oh, and while I’m in the grip of incontinent nostalgia, I still fondly remember the time an announcer on KLZ-FM (then still using the name) gave the time, and said, “Just enough time for Teddy Bears’ Picnic!” and proceeded to play the first verse or so of what I recall as being the same Golden Records 78 that is on my music player to this day, with a wonderfully patronizing vocal by Jack Arthur, and a band that uses lots of xylophone-type sounds in its line-up.

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    • Memories of mine as well, Kip. KOA campgrounds confused me as a child, b/c to me those letters meant “the radio station we always listen to.” But, no relation.

      Do you remember the KIMN Chicken?


      • I heard the name dropped, but I started drifting away from KIMN around 1970 or 1971. I was a Jay Mack fan before that! My sisters listened to KMYR, which is where I first heard the Firesign Theatre. I didn’t have an FM radio for a while, so I was trying various AM alternatives, like KTLK, which was slightly less embarrassing to me then, though I’d probably be hard-pressed to tell much of a difference now. I’d also listen all over the AM dial after sunset, and log the stations I could get. WLS was about as far east as I could reliably pick up. XELO came in pretty loud, from the Mexican border. KRLD in Dallas played old-time radio shows for a half hour each night. WHO in Des Moines had Lum & Abner.

        Once I finally got an FM radio ($5 at a thrift shop in Greeley: Mom fronted me the money, which I paid back working at our music studio for a buck an hour), I could listen to KFML (KMYR had gone away, replaced by the wretched KHOW, which I found out later was owned by former KIMN jock “Hal Baby” Moore, aka “Hot Dog” Harold Moore.). Around 1972, I discovered a recording of Gershwin playing Rhapsody in Blue on a piano roll, and that started to take over, along with ragtime, and other performer-pianists in the same set, including Ravel and Prokofieff. I still listened to pop, but less and less as time went on.

        Weirdly, KIMN went out of business. I never saw that coming! It happened after I’d left the state, I think, and even weirder, KCOL (the Fort Collins station where I used to hear folk music, Paul Harvey, and Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club) somehow morphed into KIMN-FM, which I think was on the former frequency of either KFML (98.5) or KVOD (99.5).

        We had one family friend who pronounced KIMN with two syllables: “Kim-n.”


      • Two syllables. Heh. I’d heard KIMN went under but not that the letters went north!
        I used to always listen to WLS at night with my transistor radio.


        • Some day, perhaps, we could sing the station jingles together. I don’t know if they’re still where I found them, but I have a bunch of KIMN ones on my music player, including a rip of the Beach Boys soundalikes doing “This is fabulous KIMN / Number One in the West…” that came from the KIMN Gold LP I used to have and whose sad fate I shan’t dwell on here. (Goes offline and dwells.)

          I remember that Chuck Buell turned up on WLS after leaving KIMN. Another time, one of the KHOW announcers who’d been a KIMN DJ before was between records and mentioned that it was something like “Sixty-eight KIMN-counter degrees… I mean, KHOW degrees. What’s a kim counter, anyway? Never heard of it…” I wish I could say it was station owner Harold Moore, but I don’t really remember who it was. I didn’t listen to KHOW for more than a minute or two, as a general thing.


  2. I am just shaking my head that he’s claiming that a mental fog caused by diabetes caused him to sign someone else’s name. That’s some seriously imaginative excuse-making by his lawyer. 🙄

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  3. The one voting fraud case in Germany I recall involved a nursing home employee registering for absentee ballots for several inhabitants and then filling them out as she saw fit and not as the inhabitants wanted. Coincidentally, it was a local election and the husband of the nursing home employee in question was running for office. Afterwards, they changed the regulations, so that the same person can only serve as an aid in filling out the ballot for four other people rather than an unlimited number, as before.

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    • Oh boy 🙂 Good piece.

      I mean, I like to believe there is some inherent goodness and worth in all people but seriously, what even is the point of Ben Shapiro?
      He’s not even good at being an alt-right shitbag nor is he any good at being some kind of counterweight to them. He’s just another shitty bigot who whines about shitty bigots.

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    • “Shapiro, we are told, is “the cool kid’s philosopher, dissecting arguments with a lawyer’s skill and references to Aristotle.”

      It always comes down to Aristotle with these folks, doesn’t it? I guess neo-scholastic authority-fetishists gonna fetishize authority.

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      • In that case, the obvious go-to would Forrest Gump 🙂

        May I just say that I like the cut of your rhetorical jib in considering a 2300 yr old fave to be “most recent” !!
        ** thumbs up **


        • Well – I think a lot of it is actually that they have the hots for Thomas Aquinas but only the Catholics can openly admit that. Tricky for evangelicals etc to admit that they prefer the Aristotle-Cover-Band to the original.

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      • He could also be the only one they’ve heard of. Kind of like how you read Candide for the first time and spend the next three years of your undergrad dropping Voltaire’s name and telling everyone to cultivate their own gardens. (Some of us never outgrow this love… **blushes**)

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      • Aquinas’ s theory of just war does time-travel into the dominionist world view quite comfortably, agreed.

        As for the Aristotle-cover band concept — I look forward to McEdifice on the skins, DJ Scan-Scan on the turntable, and the rest of the crew playing their spooky psikosonik hit “Mr Timbourine Man”

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      • I think it’s also trying to impress the rubes, since Aristotle is the only one they’ll recognize, know vaguely he was some ancient Greek dude, and thus think “Gawrsh, that (douchebag) is a smart guy!”

        Whereas if they went with Empedocles or Wittgenstein, blank looks from the marks.


        • I like Gorgias. If I’m to be accused of sophistry by someone who just learned the word, I may as well take from the best of the lot.


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