The Book Cover Thing 2017: The Longlist

It is a super long list! Thanks for all the suggestions but I didn’t include them all (looks specifically at Doris for a moment). I also went hunting for some extra names and interesting covers of books I haven’t heard of. Obvious note: appearance on the list is not any kind of endorsement of the content of the books or their authors and in some cases I know nothing about the books at all – but at least one was intentionally deplorable.

I didn’t list it as a step but as with last year I will need to cull the list down a bit. One thing I will do is only have one work by a given artist/designer. That rule will be particularly tough when it comes to the three Will Staehle covers (All the Birds, Infomocracy & Walkaway) but it will be tough choosing between the two Victo Ngai covers also. The next post will cover the covers I’ve excluded once I’ve decided.

As always the eligibility period here was very flexible. For ease of scrolling the list with thumbnails is after the fold. [Update: some issues identified in the comments fixed]


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    • Yeah – it is weird though how the version with spine keeps coming up. I don’t see that with other books, it’s like somebody really, really likes the spine.


  1. Oopsie, forgot to credit my artist! *hangs head in shame* Brian Allen of Flyland Designs did the art for Sieging Manganela, but I’m definitely the guilty party re the concept. This is an awesome list, Camestros, I’m enjoying looking at all the covers.


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