Hi, I’ve had reports of a suspicious pop-up style advert appearing when accessing this site using a phone.

It looks like other WordPress sites are having a similar issue:

There is an older report on the same forum that sounds very similar:

The advice there was:

‘These ads specifically are likely caused by adware running in the Safari browser. Google “iOS pop ups” and you’ll find many reports of this happening on a variety of websites, not just Ads like this have been showing up on iOS since at least 2014 from what I can find, but it appears to be on the increase in the past few weeks.

Set your device to airplane mode and force-quit Safari. Restart Safari and completely clear the browser cache and history. Then disable airplane mode. Based on the articles I could find about this issue, that should stop the pop-ups from appearing.’

More generally, if there are legitimate but problematic adverts showing on the blog then, unfortunately, I don’t have control over them. The site is a free site hosted by WordPress and they decide what adverts get shown to who and I won’t necessarily see the adverts you see.

There are complex ethical questions about using adblockers in terms of free internet services, late-stage capitalism and the tragedy of the commons but none of the ad-revenue of any ad that gets put here goes via me or to me, so don’t feel guilty about any impact on me personally if you use an ad-blocker.

In other news, the Grammarly add-in is working again so expect fewer typos and more commas!

6 thoughts on “Adverts

  1. I finally installed an ad-blocker a few months back because ads were making some sites unusable and because a high proportion of ads, even on supposedly reputable sites, were scams. It’s one thing to accept an advertising funded model of the web; it’s another to allow advertising companies to throw away all ethical restraint.

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    1. Yah. My laptop is an older machine limited to 3GB of memory. It runs everything I need fine, *except* web browsing on ad-heavy websites, when I can see and hear the thrashing to disk. So I finally had to put in an adblocker because I refuse to buy a new computer just for the benefit of the advertisers. It’s a light-touch adblocker: I still see plenty of static ads, but most of the animated ads are gone.

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  2. The WordPress personal plan ($48/year in the US; I’m not sure what it would be in Australia) turns off ads on hosted blogs, among other benefits.

    If readers here would prefer not to see ads without needing to use a blocker, would some sort of passing the hat (say, once a year) for that plan be agreeable to readers and to our host?


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