It is only a tiny step from pointless science to pseudoscience and I’m thinking…it’s a rainy Sunday and my head hurts…

After my previous post on this topic, it occurred to me that I should check the profile of some other websites. I’d already identified that Vox Day’s blog was disproportionately Goat-Wolf-Rabbit. What about Monster Hunter Nation?


A clear Tiger-Goat-Cow blog. Cats do quite well at MHI in terms of raw numbers but not when compared against their general frequency.

Moving away from the right, how about File770?


Mike is running a Cat-Tiger-Goat blog it seems. Now note that the search method includes comments, so it may be the readers that have a thing about cats (this has been independently confirmed).

What do all three blogs have in common? GOATS.

[ETA – Rocket Stack Rank is interesting because the animals mentioned would be more determined by their incidence in short fiction. Overall low frequencies and RSR has no presence on the otter or goose dimensions. Wolf-Rabbit-Cat blog – “Cat” strongly assisted by reviews of the works of Cat Rambo πŸ™‚

Goat has a presence but is just shy of the top 3.


20 thoughts on “Blogstrology

  1. File 770 cat ratio = 7.81415 of statistical normal

    I find this statistic utterly unlikely and unbelievable, and therefore conclude that your research is fatally flawed. 🐱

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  2. This dataset is extremely homeothermist and thus highly problematic. Where are the dragons? The snakes? The frogs and fish? The nudibranches???

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  3. Perhaps you could add squirrels and triceratops to the data set, and try it on your own blog. A triceratops-squirrel-cat blog?
    You inspired me to look into the animals most commonly referred to in English. A list of the commonest 3,000 words includes horse and deer, but not rat and pig (nor sheep, goat, wolf and rabbit); it looks as if you’ll have to go to a 10,000 word corpus to get a reasonable number of animal species.

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  4. It occurred to me that even my WordPress blog – which isn’t greatly bothered about animals, generally – would probably show up as goat-heavy, simply because at one point I reviewed Peter Newman’s Vagrant trilogy. That’s the thing about goats. They get in everywhere.

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  5. Could you do Rocket Stack Rank? I don’t remember ever talking about goats, except when they appear in the context of stories, which only happens a couple of times a year.

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      1. Wow! That was fast! Thanks!

        I actually make a note in the database whenever a story has a focus on a particular animal (with an eye toward some future article or other). It’s not that common, but I hadn’t realized it was this rare.

        I had thought I remembered a story about otters, but it turned out to be seals.

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  6. I’m wondering if there’s some crossover with the acronym GOAT and the animal in there.


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