Month: Nov 2017

  • Coming soon

    See, you can’t judge a book by its covers.

  • Adverts

    Hi, I’ve had reports of a suspicious pop-up style advert appearing when accessing this site using a phone. It looks like other WordPress sites are having a similar issue: There is an older report on the same forum that sounds very similar: The advice there was: ‘These ads specifically are likely caused by […]

  • 2. Ask A Triceratops

    By Susan Triceratops This week I take a look at the world of love: “Dear Susan, I want to add a bit of a love story plot to my zombie survival novel. Is that a good idea? What would a triceratops do? Yours Romeo Corpsewalker” Great question Romeo! In triceratops culture we make a big […]

  • Today’s GIF – don’t ask

    I wanted to make an animation of a saddle-shaped surface world but it took too long to render and the reason for making it passed me by.

  • Reading Vox Day So You Don’t Have To: I forgot this was a series

    Reading Vox Day So You Don’t Have To: I forgot this was a series

    I basically forgot to finish this bunch of posts about the Krypto-fascist nonsense that is “SJWs Always Double Down etc etc” by repeat Hugo failure Vox Day. This post is a conclusion but because the book itself is so dull I’m forced to borrow a funnier example from Mr Day’s blog. As I’ve discussed previously, […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter penULTIMATE!!! So many reveals!

    By Timothy ‘Last Gasp’ Cat and Straw ‘Stick a Fork in It’ Puppy “Has our whole relationship been a lie?” asked McEdifice, as Betsy finished recounting this backstory in the cathedral just so everybody could catch up. “No Chiseled! I still love you its just that I’m now the most powerful demonic entity in this […]

  • Trek Tuesday – I, Mudd

    There are two original series Star Trek episodes featuring the flamboyant con-man Harcourt Fenton Mudd: Mudd’s Women and I, Mudd. I’ve picked on the weaker of the two because I’m looking at episodes that connect with Star Trek: Discovery. In this case my least-liked Discovery episode, whose name I don’t have to hand because on […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter Man Pain Back Story

    McEdifice Returns: The Origin of Betsy T.T.T.Cat & S.Puppy “It is I, Betsy, the demonically possessed funeral urn of your ex-wife! I have done all this to reclaim you to be my king! Chiseled McEdifice – King of the Space Vampires!” she said, her voice echoing around the cathedral “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” cried McEdifice – looking older […]

  • Currently Reading: Taste of Marrow by Sarah Gailey

    Gailey’s hippopunk-western novella, River of Teeth, was fun but the ending felt rushed and it was over before I felt I got to know the Guns of Navarone-like band of misfits. I launched straight into the ‘sequel’, Taste of Marrow and  I think it is more than fair to say that this is one novel […]

  • In Americas Heartland, the Demonic Spider Monster Next Door

    By Dunk Chibblebits, the New Yrok Tines In Iowa, amid the rows of crops and non-existant hills, the Cheesecake factories and Happy Joes Pizza & Ice-Creams, Mr SnckerChitter’s presence can make hardly a ripple. He is the demonic spider monster next door, polite and low-key at a time the old boundaries of accepted canibalistic activity […]

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