Month: Oct 2017

  • McEdifice Returns: Goosebumpy Halloween Special

    Welcome boils and ghouls to this, your McEdifice Returns Halloween Special. I am your host Tyranny The Torturing Cat-O-Nine-Tails and this is my hideous assistance Straw ‘Wicker man’ Puppy. We submit for your consideration the strange case of one Chiseled McEdifice. A lowly photocopy repairman or so he says. But what is this? His attempts […]

  • Weird Internet Ideas: Global IQ again

    More stuff about global IQ from various far right sources which I shan’t bother linking to. This a sort of whine about how the OECD’s PISA study of 15 year olds in several educational areas gets positive coverage but noted IQ nut Richard Lynn’s claims about global IQ don’t. The reasons are straight forward but […]

  • Review: Star Trek Discovery – Episode 7

    Aaarrrrgghhhh what a frustrating show this thing is! It can get so much right and then fall flat on its face. Spoilers abound below the fold.

  • Reading Vox Day So You Don’t Have To: The last essay on Chapter 6

    Still doing this for my sins. I think I forgot to mention that Chapter 6 also involves a weird proxy argument with Mary Robinette Kowal. The pretext is to demonstrate some of the fallacies he mentions in action but he fails to describe them adequately. The general point is that there is ambiguity in what […]

  • Sunday Beer: Six String Red IPA

  • Review: Thor RagnaRomp

    Be prepared to be trapped in a 1980’s disco that looks like it’s paying homage to the set design of the Wizard of Oz and the classic SF book cover paintings of Chris Foss. Also there are jokes. There is a story and the story makes sense. In a prologue involving Thor trapped in a […]

  • Reading Vox Day So You Don’t Have To: Part 2 – Chapter 6 part 1

    I am not doing a chapter-by-chapter review of the latest altrightploitation book by Vox Day but I am going to spend some time in Chapter 6 (two posts) and then maybe one more post to sum up (tldr – it is rancid, don’t bother). Chapter 6: Standard SJW Tactics begins with a complaint about him […]

  • McEdifice Returns: Chapter Eleven I Think

    [Scene – Felapton Towers. A phone is ringing] [CF – for it is he] Hello, Felapton Towers, how may I assist you? [The voice of Timothy the Talking Cat] Oh good day to you sir or madam. Could you connect me to Cambarianexplosion Flugelhorn please?

  • Bye Bye Barnaby

    Barnaby Joyce, the deputy prime-minister of Australia, occasional beetroot impressionist and the man who threatened to kill Johnny Depp’s dogs has been ruled ineligible to be an MP by the High Court Ooops. For earlier coverage see here The short version being, a senator of the Green Party resigned from the senate because […]

  • Tanya the Realism Mage

    After reading some complaints about modern SF and fantasy I’d really like a fantasy magic-user character called a realism mage. I assume this has been suggested before but I won’t let that stop me explaining myself. Essentially they only have one spell and it is called “Enact realism!” Whenever they cast this spell, whatever they […]