So Is this Internecine spat Shenanigans?

This is the nearest picture I have to their logo.

The spat between people confused by the concept of ‘free speech’ continues. Vox Day is now arguing with the CEO of Gab Andrew Torba (a man who describes himself as “just a scrappy guy from Scranton, PA chasing a dream of sustaining free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information on the internet”). They are now mutually threatening to release emails about stuff.

Here’s Vox

And here is Torba:


But is it all fake? Vox has a new anti-SJW book out and Torba wrote the forward. So I wouldn’t rule out the possibility but having said that it is hard to see what the end game would be. I mean, I can see what the overall objective of a fake fight can be – it boosts interest in any arena where the arguments are happening, but at some point, if this is fake the two parties would need to reach a face-saving conclusion and both are posturing about their honour and manliness.

Either way the object lesson on why “free speech” is a bad excuse for permitting harassment continues.

[ETA] The M.A.D. approach continues.

“…to demonstrate that Utsav was lying and attempting to create a false narrative about my behavior. It really was just a phone call or two and an email or four, as you will see.

9/6/2017 21:36: Andrew emails me and asks me to talk to Utsav. He provides me with the number.
9/6/2017 21:58: Utsav emails me to request a call.
9/7/2017 08:44: I email Utsav to tell him that I rang but he did not pick up.
9/7/2017 08:54: Utsav emails me to tell me to call him in 15 minutes.
9/7/2017 10:09: I call Utsav. We talk for 16 minutes and 31 seconds. It’s a good, positive call.
9/7/2017 10:47: I email Utsav to thank him for taking the time to deal with this.
9/7/2017 11:07: Utsav emails me to direct my attention to this statement by Andrew.
9/7/2017 11:49: I email Utsav to ask what the policy on prospective libel and defamation will be.
9/7/2017 13:07: Utsav emails me to tell me it’s being reviewed.
9/7/2017 20:38: I email Utsav with my suggestions for how Gab could handle defamation complaints.”

“Utsav” here is Utsav Sanduja “Chief Operating Officer and Global Affairs Director “


20 responses to “So Is this Internecine spat Shenanigans?”

  1. As tempting as it is to see this all as kayfabe, I think it is probably sincere–Beale has been having an increasing number of quarrels with his fellows as the Trump presidency is proving quite stressful for this bunch. Like I said, this is more French Third Republic than Weimar. The Right is a quarreling bunch of cranks with no clear plan, an intellectually bankrupt leadership that romanticizes things most of the nation regards with horror, and a fondness for dopey strongmen with feet of clay as national saviors. Which doesn’t mean they are harmless–the French Right nearly inflicted Boulanger on the nation, and their modern day American equivalents have done so.

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      • Doesn’t stop them from trying. Remember, every savior can be denounced as a false prophet, and every member who disagrees with you can be branded a heretic.

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    • You made me look things up. I know basically nothing about that period. Still, they’re using all the rhetoric and symbolism of what followed Weimar.


      • I do a lot of amateur alternate history. You pick things up. But yes, they’re fond of their Nazi imagery, just like the French Right of the day was very fond of summoning up memories of the Ancient Regime and the First Empire to a nation that had more or less decided to put that stuff behind them. But they’re not the Nazis of Weimar, with a genuine program, and an actual plan to take power. It’s all fantasies and moon pies. The only success they’ve had is Trump, and that’s despite of them, not because of them.


  2. Okay, Teddy’s big reveal is pretty lame.
    Will Torba follow through with his threat? Will what he reveals be equally lame?
    Don’t forget that their satsuma spider god appeared in pro wrestling, so kayfabe is possible.

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  3. I note that Ted didn’t release any actual information, but more a vague timeline of communications, likely just a curated selection too. Right now it’s basically unverifiable until Torba releases anything.


    • Personally I found it quite impressive that women managed to get published 900% more from one magazine then men and since they can apparently bend reality to make that happen obviously deserve it over those men who are too lazy obeying the laws of the natural universe. They need to get to a gym and start lifting immovable objects and using mobius strip treadmills!

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