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Inter-fascist feuding continues off in the damp and sticky corners of the internet.

To recap on particulars after yesterday’s post aimed at the more abstract elements:

  • wallaby-03
    Not technically a small kangaroo but frankly I can’t spot the difference and I’ve met both in the wild.

    Vox Day is a self-proclaimed “alt-right” pundit with an extremist nationalism that is anti-free trade and which is based on a pseudo-scientific racist theory and which makes use of white supremacist slogans, talking points & antisemitic propaganda and which hails mass murderers/terrorists as heroes. Some people might look at that combination of beliefs and say “that’s a Nazi surely” but in a fit of pointless pedantry, I prefer “not technically a Nazi”. Vox isn’t a Nazi, like, for example, a large wallaby isn’t a small kangaroo.

  • In the wake of Donald Trump being nominated by the GOP, the various disparate groups calling themselves “alt-right” (from ex-Gamergaters to rebranded Nazis – and assume an intersection in the Venn diagram) became more publically assertive. This led to various more overt factions developing including the “alt-lite” (e.g. Milo Yianopolous) as well as more overtly Nazi groups (e.g. around figures like Richard Spencer). Notably, Vox Day gets less attention on press coverage of these groups and he is still mostly known as the-guy-who-got-beaten-by-the-SF-nerds.
  • Vox has an ongoing spat with the section of the alt-right that more overtly uses Nazi symbolism. Important to note that this is the PRIMARY point of difference – there’s a section of the alt-right that will use swastikas and Nazi salutes etc which merges seamlessly with neo-Nazi groups with more traditional ways of organising. The pro-authoritarian propaganda, the attacks on immigrants & immigration, the misogyny, the (shallow) critique of capitalism, anti-media, the pseudo-scientific racial theory and the general hatred of anyone and everyone on the left is largely indistinguishable from one group to the next. The primary point of difference is that Vox is mad at what he calls “the alt-reich” because they keep giving the game away: i.e. they make it hard for people like Vox to deny that they are actual Nazis because they go around saying the same things as Vox but do so while chanting “blood and soil” and waving swastikas.
  • Vox has been engaging in various feuds as is his MO but aimed at other al-right fractions – mainly because they’ve been getting more attention but also because of they haven’t been pretending not to be Nazis hard enough. This feuding has resulted in him spending more time doing the why-nazis-are-really-leftists nonsense.
  • This has spilt over into “Gab” a Twitter alternative for right wing trolls which advocates freedom of trolling speech. Because this is primarily an argument between people who think “cuck” is the high point of rhetoric, inevitably this has led to people on Gab calling Vox a ‘pedophile’. I should note that I’ve no reason to assume that Vox is a paedophile and calling him one is a shitty thing to do. While it is hypocritical of Vox to complain about it and I’ve zero sympathy for him, the fact remains that child sexual abuse is a serious topic that shouldn’t be used to score political points – which was also true when Vox was the one doing that.
  •  Vox is now saying that he isn’t suing Gab and he is also threatening them with legal action: No, that doesn’t make sense. Hair splitting is important to Vox. Meanwhile, he is also saying that he isn’t threatening to destroy 4Chan’s /pol/ – the infamous troll resevoir. 
  • Vox also has a new book out “SJWs always something something” – so maybe this is all just controversy marketing.
  • tl dr: I think the distinction between a large wallaby and a small kangaroo is the shape of the ears or something.
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20 responses to “schadenfreude popcorn”

  1. Vox is now not on gab until gab does what he wants.

    However, Spacebunny is all over gab responding to everything and getting all the abuse you’d expect of a female-presenting account from that bunch of filth.

    PS, while I’m in no doubt that Spacebunny (the person, ie Theodore Beale’s wife) exists, whether the account is actually being operated by her is a completely different question.

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    • He cites the abuse of Spacebunny as an aggravating factor in deciding to act. Seems to have got under his skin a bit.

      Alternatively he’s just realised he doesn’t have any drama scheduled for September and decided to pick the first convenient fight.

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      • It was nasty. I mean, like, not Brianna Wu or Zoë Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian nasty, but woman-on-the-internet nasty.

        If he’s never seen the receiving end of just what it’s like to be a woman on the internet who’s pissed off a bunch of his sort of idiot before (and I know he will have refused to believe the testimony of any of his political opponents) then it is plausible that he’s nastily surprised.

        Not that this will change his attitude to anyone on the left who has been on the receiving end, of course.

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        • I’ve just remembered – there was a little thing on twitter a couple of years ago where spacebunny said something to Scalzi, whose reply was something dismissive – presumably he didn’t know who she was and just assumed random VD supporter to be blocked.
          Anyway, VD went a little bit ballistic for a few, swearing even morer vengeance on Scalzi. So, maybe that’s actually his red line – defending the honour of his wife.

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  2. For a man who claims to be an immense pulp fan, Beale seems to forget what usually happened to dark wizards who made pacts with evil forces that ultimately prove beyond their control and far more malevolent than said wizards imagined…

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    • Actually, another fun little aspect to this. Way back in January, Beale posted a sarcastic announcement that he was leaving Gab because had declared it dominated by white supremacists.

      And now, eight months later…

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  3. It is pretty impressive that whether it’s the low bar for acceptance set by white nationalists or gamergaters he still manages to find a way to use his ego to ensure he’s reviled by them as well

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      • It’s really telling that the biggest problem they see arguing about Nazis is that they used the word socialist. Like that’s the point of disset? Also watching the infighting play out made me realize how close cuck and a certain prerogative for Jewish people are after watching them freely switch between the two.


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