Month: Sep 2017

  • I’ve found the most brain numb argument against marriage equality yet

    First a quick recap on the current state of marriage equality in Australian. While there appears to be a majority of MPs in favour of marriage equality in federal parliament, the number in favour within the ruling coalition is a minority. This could be solved by having a ‘conscience’ vote but the ruling party had […]

  • Fantasy Terrain and the Book of the New Sun

    I’m wandering off on a tangent from this post. That post was mainly considering geographic elements as plot elements in Tolkien and Tolkienesque works. Having reached lakes and oceans my head went to Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun. Now I haven’t read it in a long time, therefore beware of errors and misunderstandings […]

  • Tim’s Legal Updates

    [Scene: a quiet evening just outside the southeast conservatory of Felapton Towers currently relocated to the former home of Doctor Morbius on Altair IV] Timothy the Talking Cat: I’m going to sue France. Camestros: Perhaps it is the pleasant evening weather echoing a summer that has since passed or perhaps it is this third tumbler […]

  • The Plot Elements of Fantasy Maps

    There is a new good article on fantasy maps at The Map Room Blog: The point being that much of the discussion of fantasy maps is not the map as such but rather the implausible territories that they depict. Fair point. However, I wanted to loop back to the post I made on the simplified Middle […]

  • Weird Internet Ideas: The “Free” Speech of the Bully

    It has been interesting watching the right struggle with their concept of free speech recently. Over the past few years “free speech” had been a rallying cry for far-right trolls demanding sufficient latitude on online platforms to lie, bully and harass others. As such trolls navigate willingly and unwillingly to their own bespoke platforms, they […]

  • I Don’t Have Much to Say on the German Election Results

    There is a lot not to like about Angela Merkel and the gains by the far-right are troublesome but by the standards of everybody else (e.g. Brexit, Trump), the outcome could have been far, far worse It is sad though that we need to be relieved when a modern democratic country manages to not undermine […]

  • Thoughts on Star Trek Discovery Episodes 1 & 2

    When I first heard the premise for Star Trek: Discovery I was disappointed. The show is set marginally before the original series relative to the broad continuity of the TV shows. As a decision, it implied the kind of navel-gazing or over-reverence to the original material that ends in both stagnation and a confused need […]

  • Sunday Beer: Asahi

    Something more mainstream today. 

  • Yes, this section of Rick and Morty has been pointed out to us…

    As Timothy points out, the truth is not subject to copyright. Season 3.  

  • Review: Wonder Woman (2017)

    I missed this film at the cinema but as it was now available for rent I decided it was time to catch up with it. And…I didn’t think it was that great. It was undoubtedly better than any of the other DC shared universe films so far. Also, Gal Gadot played the role convincingly but…it […]

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