Flu Season is Bad in Australia This Year

I can’t recall knowing quite so many people personally all with confirmed cases of influenza as I do right now. Relatives, colleagues, lots of people sick with fevers and sometimes gastric problems.

Flu cases started lower than average but have really spiked since mid July. I don’t know nationally want strains are causing it but people I know seem to be all suffering from Influenza B – which is less scary than the pandemic causing type A’s because only humans and seals catch type B.

Anyway…special warning to human (and seal) readers in the Northern Hemisphere: get vaccinated each flu season! The flu might still get you but even if it does:

  • Usually shorter
  • Symptoms are less severe
  • Less chance of complications 

You’re turn next. (Unless this is the flu you all had last winter) Stay away from seals?

4 thoughts on “Flu Season is Bad in Australia This Year

  1. How do they know they’ve got B? Do they start barking and balancing balls on their noses? I’ve had the flu but never been told what sort. Other than “moderate” and “severe”, which I felt should have been called “I think I might die” and “I am only certain I didn’t die because I’ve never heard about sneezing in the afterlife”. Oh, and the one time I hallucinated a bit.

    I get my shot every year now, early on.

    Did whoever’s in charge of Strine flu shots pick the wrong combo of viruses to put in this year?


    1. They did blood tests. I think the shot worked – I had what felt like a very short (2 day) flu which I think was the same as what others had (based on the timing) but was short because I’d had the shot.


      1. Did your friends get their shots?

        I’ve never had my blood tested for what sort; treatment is the same no matter what. I guess they test the severe cases and unusual clusters. The rest of us it’s just “right, it’s flu, stay home and drink fluids, don’t sneeze on anyone, keep your fever down”, modified according to what other problems you have. Or they tell you it’s NOT the flu and you should wait a few days because it’s a cold, and stop wasting their time. Particularly in the ER where they have actual crises.

        I only bothered to go to the doctor when I had knock-on conditions from it, like pleurisy. But that was after the certain death and contagious part. If I have the flu, I’m so sick I’d rather not put on clothes and leave the house and maybe catch something else in the waiting room. Just let me sleeeeeep and hydrate.

        I think I phoned the advice nurse last time I had it and she gave the standard advice, said to stay home and get a shot from now on. It did allow me to skip the office moving from one building to another. I’d rather have done the moving and gotten paid and known which boxes had which stuff. That was in mid-spring.

        Easier to get the shot.


      2. I rarely, rarely get sick and have only missed four hours of work due to illness in nearly 20 years, but this past year caught the flu and was absolutely flattened for six days. Now I understand why they say it is so deadly for young children, elderly and people who are compromised in any way. I’ll be getting a shot this year, for sure. It was brutal. Hope you are keeping well CF.

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