Stealth Kiwis Takeover

Remember that post I did about the comical cascade of accidental dual-citizenry that was ousting Australian politicians from office? Well it has struck again. This time the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER of Australia, Barnaby Joyce, has been found to be accidentally a citizen of New Zealand. Oooops.

Now if that name sounds familiar, then you may remember him as the guy who threatened to kill Johnny Depp’s dogs. As a member of the rural National Party, Joyce is a somewhat eccentric figure who trades off a true-Aussie-bloke persona.

10 responses to “Stealth Kiwis Takeover”

  1. What, are Kiwis sneaking into Aussies’ homes in the middle of the night and giving them passports???

    That there is some epic trolling. 😀

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  2. Typical — blokier than thou and he isn’t one.

    Also, while I don’t approve of either Johnny Depp or small yappy dogs, threatening to kill small dogs is never a good idea.


    • Lurkertype: Also, while I don’t approve of either Johnny Depp or small yappy dogs

      OR smuggling animals in past quarantines and screening procedures; people who have arrogantly done what Depp did have caused ecological disasters by introducing devastating invasive pests and parasites (which was why Joyce threatened to euthanize Depp’s illegally imported animals).


      • You’d think more people would be aware of the reasons for the stringent quarantine and control procedures after The Simpsons did that episode where Bart brought the bullfrog into Australia.

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