Hugo Stats Time

Two PDFs and a slightly different format than previous. The final No Award run-off rounds don’t seem to be listed but they aren’t relevant. [eta they are there I jsut wasn’t paying attention]

The main vote stats are reassuringly dull. In most categories, the final winner got the most first round votes and maintained a lead throughout. An exception is Best Fan Writer. Chuck Tingle started out well, with Mike Glyer second and Abigail Nussbaum third. However, as others got eliminated and votes transferred, Abigail Nussbaum ended top. Round to decide second place then saw Foz Meadows leap ahead on the strength of transfers from Nussbaum. All very exciting! In the end, Mike came third and Chuck fourth, Natalie Luhrs fifth. Sixth place went to previous fan favourite No Award.

Rabids? The first round vote for Rabid nominees dropped to about 20 or less. The highest Rabid nominee on first round votes was Vox Day himself in Best Editor Long Form with 32. The Rabids are done folks – a last gasp (yes, I know that in the stories we love that is the worst possible thing to say…)

To the nominee stats and…um…gosh…thanks people.

How close was it?
Camestros Felapton needed 3 more votes to displace Natalie Luhrs from the final ballot.
Mark Oshiro needed 5 more votes to displace Natalie Luhrs.
Um. I don’t think I’d have felt happy at knocking either Natalie Luhrs or Mark Oshiro off the ballot – particularly as both suffered from Puppy shenanigans over the past few years. So thanks! And it is great company on that whole list as well! James Nicoll, Cora, Alexandra Erin.
Ah, but added to the fun! I got 81 votes, Jeffro Johnson got 80 but many more points by virtue of EPH and THAT IS A REALLY GOOD THING. OK, not Jeffro specifically (although there are worse Rabids and he is actually a fan writer) but that is exactly how EPH should work. I was obviously a common pick with many of the others who got on the ballot, whereas Jeffro wasn’t and given a close vote between Jeffro, Mark and myself, a system that picks out a finalist who has less in common with the other finalist is the right result. Yes, in this case that difference was due to Rabid shenanigans but that’s a different issue.


  1. KR

    Congratulations CF! You are a great fan writer, and just a great writer all around. I hope this puts a smile on your face all day. You’ve given a lot of people a lot of enjoyment and also valuable things to think about. You write fun things for serious people, and serious things for fun people. Thank you quite sincerely. Extra beers for you this Sunday!

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  2. Mark

    This may actually be the perfect result for you 🙂

    You get applause but didn’t have to travel to the wrong* side of the world.

    *actually the right side, but I’m temporarily adopting your perspective.


    • camestrosfelapton

      Right side for me also. In my head I can’t think of “August” as “winter”. Obviously I know it is winter (such that it is here) now but it doesn’t make sense with “August”. The connotation of month to season doesn’t adjust in my head – so I still end up calling ‘December’ ‘winter’ even though I *know* it isn’t.


  3. David Goldfarb

    The final runoff is shown in the voting tables in the very rightmost column.
    And congrats on your near-nomination!


  4. Stevie

    I’m happy for you. It’s 3.50 am in London and I woke up from a very strange dream and checked my mail. As one does.

    I’m happy for you; I do not think of you as a brand but it is very, very, you.

    I’d better try to go back to sleep before a nurse checks my airlock and realises I am awake. If you have to be in hospital when you should have been in Helsinki for the Hugos then a room with an airlock seems appropriate.



  5. Laura

    Just getting into the nitty gritty of the voting stats and noticed a possible error in Best Novel. Death’s End and Too Like the Lightning are listed as 5th and 6th respectively. But in the breakdown they are flipped.