I probably won’t be watching the Hugo Ceremony this year…and that’s OK :)

Details of the Hugo Award Ceremony coverage are out here http://www.thehugoawards.org/2017/08/2017-hugo-ceremony-coverage-plans/

For those not at Worldcon, there will be live coverage both as a text stream and a video stream (see link above for details). It really is wonderful that people can participate at a distance in this way – it is easy to forget how technology is adding to our lives.

Unfortunately for me, my current location means I will definitely be very much asleep when the ceremony starts. So my reaction and comments will be quite late – unless things are still going at 9 pm Helsinki time…which they might be! So if there are some unforeseen delays to the start of the ceremony it may be due to my psychic influence. Apologies in advance for that.

Everybody else – have a great time! The odds of amazing things winning are very high!


12 responses to “I probably won’t be watching the Hugo Ceremony this year…and that’s OK :)”

  1. I’ve just worked out that even though it should be at a nice sensible time for me, I’ll be in an airplane for most of it – the one place I’ll not be able to get any internet access!
    *shakes fist at my poor choice of flights*


  2. Jeeze, Camestros, you’re going to sleep through me winning — or preferably, somebody else winning — the category you should have been nominated in!

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  3. It’s too early for me here, being a night owl. I’ll probably stagger outta bed an hour after it’s over and check the intarwebs.


  4. I was supposed to be there, but I am still in hospital – day 32. I believe the usual phrase is ‘I’m gutted’, but it’s my lungs presently screwing things up.

    On the bright side, London time is pretty close to Helsinki time so I should be able to watch the Hugos, and I’m hoping for Dublin in 2019!


  5. Meanwhile, I may even be at the actual ceremony this year (not quite sure, since one of my panel cuts it close to the start of the Hugos). At any rate, I packed some of my nicer clothes in preparation for parties and/or the Hugo ceremony as well as that townhall reception in Helsinki.


  6. Thank you all for the kind wishes. I asked the membership admin if they knew of a local fan who would have liked to have attended but didn’t have the dosh, and if so, whether they could transfer my membership to him.

    They must be inundated, but props to them: lo and behold they put me in touch with one of the volunteers whose dad has read SF all his life, and never even knew there was fandom until his daughter started taking part 20 years ago, but he couldn’t really afford Worldcon. And now they’ve transferred my membership to him so I really hope he loves it.

    And that makes me feel a lot happier so it’s a win-win 🙂

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  7. Humph, there are direct flights from Edinburgh as well. Should really have looked into it more seriously months ago. Go Dublin!

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