Breakin News: Timothy the Talking Cat Fired as Whitehouse Communications Director

In a sudden shake-up of key Whitehouse personnel, Timothy the Talking Cat has been removed as Whitehouse Communications Director. His brief but significant career as part of the Trump Administration came to a suprising yet inevitable halt about, oh…maybe a minute ago.


Sources inside the Whitehouse claim that working relationships became tense after a squirrel was appointed as the new Director of Homeland Security.

“The in-fighting became too much,” the high level source said, “one of them had to go and Donald likes the funny tricks the squirrel does.”

A replacement for Timothy has not yet been confirmed but it is rumoured to be Incitatus – the zombiefied corpse of Caligula’s horse.

11 responses to “Breakin News: Timothy the Talking Cat Fired as Whitehouse Communications Director”

  1. Wow, Timmothy has even broken Scaramucci’s record. Maybe, he’ll at least get a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for this.


  2. Is the Incitatus appointment something to do with the repeal of Obamacare? I’ve seen reports that the Republicans are flogging a dead horse with that.

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