Month: Aug 2017

  • I had a bit of a rant on Twitter yesterday

    About taxes and parallelograms: A rant: a friend sent me a photo knowing that I'd be wound up over a trivial matter. They were correct… — Camestros Felapton (@CamestrosF) August 29, 2017 I’m glad I got that out of my system but it turns out it is an old joke in tax accountancy…which somehow makes […]

  • Medieval Bathing Link Round Up – watch out there’s nudity!

    I knew almost nothing about how people in pre-modern Europe took baths at the start of yesterday and then fell down a rabbit hole and learned all sorts of things. So to start: Obviously, I knew the Romans had communal baths and England even has a town named after the fact (Manchester*) Jewish and Islamic […]

  • Speaking of Fantastical Drawings…

    Has the secret of the Voynich Manuscript been revealed! No, probably not. See here for background The Guardian article relates to a claim in the foreword of a new facsimile edition of the infamously inscrutable book. “Pointing to the fact that the pictures show only nude women and no men, Skinner told the Guardian: “The […]

  • Interactive Map!

    Sadly, I can’t make an interactive map on the blog because of the way WordPress works. However, over in my more tinkering friendly workshop… That was a fun exercise – basically, it uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and Javascript. The SVG is exported from the graphic program I made the original map in but […]

  • Revisiting the Map of Middle Earth

    So I’m back on a map kick it seems. I thought I’d look at the most classic of fantasy maps again but from a different perspective. Part of the problem and the attraction of Tolkien’s original map is the additional detail and a sense of a bigger explorable world. What happens if we strip that […]

  • Sunday Beer: When Sloths Cry

    Sloth themed Prince tribute beer – but of course.

  • Some Fantasy Map Links Round Up Thing

    This article by Alex Acks at is nearly a month old now but I did mean to post a link to it because it is is very good: The article looks specifically at the iconic map of Middle Earth by J.R.R.Tolkien. (Also read this previous column which is less specifically about maps but more […]

  • Worldcon Report from Timothy the Talking Cat

    Worldcon Report from Timothy the Talking Cat: From the pen of Timothy the Talking Cat Worldcon! The great science fiction gathering of the tribes! Of course, the many quasi-Stalinist squirrel lovers that now make up the membership of this formerly grand institution probably would have little time for a free-thinking, freedom loving feline like my […]

  • Spotting Fakery?

    I previously pointed to an article on people manipulating Amazon rankings for their books, today there is a bigger brouhaha on whether somebody has manipulated the New York Time bestseller list: The method used (if true) isn’t new and political books have been prone to this approach before i.e. buy lots of the book from the […]

  • Binary Tree Maze

    I’ve been playing with mazes because they are fun. In the workshop, I made a maze maker in Javascript that uses a very simple binary tree algorithm (see ). This is a very easy algorithm to implement but it doesn’t generate very interesting mazes but they are good enough for a playing area in a Pacman […]

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