Who discovered global warming?

In his last attempt to disprove global warming, John C Wright has pointed out that he doesn’t know who discovered global warming.

” Again, who is the scientist who discovered Global Warming?” http://www.scifiwright.com/2017/07/last-crusade-unearned-laurels/

Arguably it isn’t the most illogical argument he has used in his on going struggle against reality nor even is it his silliest. It requires both a simplistic view of science, where each discovery has one and only one owner and an elevation of his own ignorance to the status of a counter-argument.

So, firstly, mapping single individuals to distinct discoveries is a simplification, intended to make the history of science easier to follow. Yes, Charles Darwin wrote the Origin of Species and hence is a central figure in the theory of evolution by natural selection but his genius was not solitary.

Still, maybe global warming is still somehow unusual in this regard. Maybe Wright has some sort of point that the theory just popped out of nowhere. Yeah, but no. It really is as simple as Wright being intentionally ignorant and then claiming that his own ignorance demonstrates a flaw in global warming as an idea.

So, who did ‘discover’ global warming, given the basic caveats of all such discoveries being upon the shoulders of giants/research communities. Well, firstly what is the thing being discovered? It can be broken down into several parts:

  1. the Earth’s surface is warmer than would be expected (i.e. there is some kind of ‘greenhouse’* like effect)
  2. the atmosphere is what makes it warmer
  3. some gases in the atmosphere must be ‘greenhouse gases’ and play a role in keeping Earth warm (of which water vapour is the biggest culprit)
  4. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas
  5. If you increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere then average surface temperatures should increase all other things being equal
  6. This is actually happening


So, in the unlikely event that John C Wright ever reads this, now he knows who ‘discovered’ global warming.



*[No, greenhouses don’t work that way exactly – the name is a metaphor]




  1. Cora

    Oh dear, it seems JCW can’t even bloviate about climate change without announcing to the world how much he hates transpeople. As for what transpeople have to do with climate change I have no idea.

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      • Lurkertype

        Yes, a woman who stands up for trans people — can’t get much lower than that in JCW’s world. Plus she won 4 Hugos honestly.

        I just think of her as “that Brit lady who’s terrifyingly good at keeping cons running around here”.


      • JJ

        I suspect that JCW’s extreme antipathy for Morgan is that she is not just a trans advocate, but a trans woman, in addition to being an incredibly accomplished professional.

        The fact that she critically, and accurately, dissected his book, no doubt just adds grievous insult to injury for him.


  2. JJ

    Whenever I read one of JCW’s posts in which he talks about the Devil as if he’s an actual being, I end up laughing hilariously, to the point where I just have to stop reading.

    And yes, his perception of the discovery of global warming as being a discrete event, rather than as a body of evidence built up over a span of time, is just hilariously bizarre.

    Why, it’s almost as if he doesn’t understand how science works. πŸ˜€

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  3. delagar

    The only thing more ridiculously bizarre than a John Wright post is his commentariat.

    Comment sections are often horrible, I know, but wow.

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  4. KR

    Currently in a city with an inferno-like climate of 41 degrees Celsius. No sign of the devil, despite my most earnest inquisitions πŸ™‚

    I do have to wonder at the state of JCW’s moral plane though, seeing as he can condemn entire swaths of his god’s own creation to violent, fiery oblivion for their supposed perversity, but at the same time be too pious to type the word “shit” (writing “bat-guano crazy”? So very lame). I thought Christians weren’t supposed to judge? I don’t think he is a very good person — for whatever era and ethical derivation of that word: classical greek, Christian, modern, alien.

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    • Lurkertype

      Christians are only prohibited from taking the name of God/Jesus in vain.

      They can say “shit” all they want. Or any of the other words. Even all of the famed “7 words you can’t say on TV.”