Ennmox the infamous train of Tjamoitzap

More experiments from the R&D skunk works division of Felapton Towers into the further automisation of fiction.

A fantasy object generator: https://camestrosfelapton.neocities.org/fantasyobjects.html

I’m particularly pleased with:

Panxter the angelic owl of Obz



  1. lunarg

    “Dintugh the fiery cat of Qxerdrezt”

    I’m pretty sure this is how one of my cats refers to herself, provided “Dintugh” is pronounced as “Fig.”

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  2. Lurkertype

    Tjammru the fiery castle of Enfart

    Pretty sure I’ve actually seen a book with this. Maybe not Enfart.

    Ritseeruppur the reviled cathedral of Obzneet

    Absolutely sure I saw this in a bad faux-Lovecraft pulp story.

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  3. Johan P

    Psst: Someone down at the skunk works must have mixed up the fantasy object name generator with the steampunk object generator – I got “Clardzzip the indexed airship of Hikkhi” and everyone knows airships are steampunk. And indexed airships, even!

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