Zoiks! Only NINE days left to vote in the Hugos!


Nope, still not tired of that gif.

July 15 Hugo Ballot closes! It sneaks up on you. Somehow I don’t think I’m going to get the neccesary reading done for Best Series!



  1. Lurkertype

    I’m going to do my probably-last rethink about 24 hours before they’re due.

    Novelette, Short Story, Graphic Novel, and Fan Writer are the only ones where I decided on my #1 upon reading them and kept that as my #1 after reading all the finalists. And the 2-4 position changes almost daily.

    I’d read all the Serieses books by the time the ballot came out and I’ve shuffled that really often. I like them all!

    I am apparently extra grumpy this year as a number of non-Puppy things are ending up below NA. I’m like the Soup Nazi for Hugos here.

    I’m not sure if it’s better or worse than the old days where you only had one shot at voting on the paper ballot and once you mailed it, that was it.


  2. Lurkertype

    I managed all the reading b/c I’m an insanely fast reader and I’d already read all the serieses. I’d only read one of the Related Work and Graphic, so that took a while, and I had to read all the Campbell packet too.

    There’s two categories where I have NA finishing 3rd! o_O