Month: Jul 2017

  • Sunday Beer: Sam Smiths Imperial Stout

  • When Conservatives Accidentally Destroy Capitalism

    I found a bit of a gem in the spam filter – a drive-by comment in which somebody really didn’t think through all the implications of what they were saying. I’ve released the comment back into the wild here: It was in reply to my post about the politics of calling the invasion by Britain […]

  • Genre Shifter

    Turns a single paragraph into different genres via the miracle of science!  

  • Time for a different constitutional crisis

    American readers appear to have been having an unwelcome level of excitement in their politics over the past 24+ hours. Trump attacking the rights of transgender people to serve in the military, a new Whitehouse director saying some very strange things, the Whitehouse chief of staff being sacked via Twitter and, of course, a nail […]

  • Pod 2 of The Book Club Roundtable Discussion Club Non-Audio Podcast Club

    [Camestros] Welcome back, loyal viewers! [Timothy] (listeners) [Susan] (readers) [Camestros] This is the second episode of the Book Club Roundtable Review Club Non-Audio Podcast Club. I have to say people, lots of positivity about the last one. I think our innovative features were very welcome among the podcast community.

  • Can Vox Day Read?

    I haven’t looked at the blog us SF fans got in the adopt-a-far-right-troll-2015 raffle for awhile. I decided to check in just in case and found something a bit different. Vox is trying to explain what is wrong with modern literature. To this end he took a fragmentary paragraph from he 1985 National Book Award winner […]

  • Time for those Dragon Projections!

    I promised this awhile ago but I’ll explain it all again. These are most definitely NOT predictions. I have no idea what will be a Dragon Award finalist and there are way to many unknowns to make a decent guess. In particular as far as I can tell the rules (which have reappeared) allow the […]

  • Three Stage Voting and the Hugos

    The Back Story (see also Nicholas Whyte’s post here ) The procedural response to the Rabid Puppy and Sad Puppy campaigns has consisted of use of existing rules and the proposal of new rules. I’ll pick on three to start with. To vote you need to be a supporting member of Worldcon and to have […]

  • The Other Kind of Alt-History

    What do you call it when a military power, sends it’s navy and troops to somewhere else, lands there and claims the land as its own and under the direct control of that power? You can call it lots of things but if you are in Australia just be really careful that you don’t call […]

  • Altering History versus Mashing Up History

    The announcement by HBO’s Game of Thrones showrunners that they were working on alt-history TV show called “Confederate” caused some obvious concerns. I’ve used the term “challenging” for a range of premises for stories (e.g. recently with discussing the notion of James Bond being played by a woman actor), by which I mean there are […]