Review: Doctor Who – World Enough and Time

I’ll start with the problems:

  1. The trailers spoiled what was a cleverly done slow reveal of the baddies. So we all knew John Simm was coming back to play the master and that the classic Mondasian Cybemen were going to appear.
  2. Pearl Mackie put in another tremendous performance but once again Bill had to die-but-not really to give the Doctor something to do. As an actor Mackie is getting opportunities to shine in a role that is easily overshadowed but as a character Bill is being treated badily by the scripts. I do hope she continues into next season.

Yeah but, this was very good. Lots of great concepts including a spaceship on the edge of black hole with huge time differences between the top and the bottom. This sciency enough idea was well integrated into the whole story – allowing Bill’s stay in the creepy body-horror hospital to last for years while the Doctor spends a few minutes on exposition and trying to get into the elevator at the other end of the ship.

Michelle Gomez has been somewhat more restrained as Missy this series but got to have more fun this episode. Mocking the basic tropes of the series (including the role of the ‘companion’ and the real name of the Doctor) added more levity to what was a very dark episode.

Good solid science fiction but will the curse of the two-parter strike next week?


5 responses to “Review: Doctor Who – World Enough and Time”

  1. The cutting back and forth between the Doctor’s explanation and Bill down in the slow zone was well done.

    If there’s anything I like better than Evil Missy, it’s Trying Not To Be Evil, But Still Snarky Missy. She needs a spinoff. At least a one-off.


  2. I was confused that the not-John-Sim character was being played by Zathras from early Babylon 5.

    I liked it significantly more than I expected. Perhaps a little slow, but they had a couple of good moments to work their way up to so I’m not complaining.

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