Spam Filter

I had an increase in spam recently. A lot of it was unpleasant comments about Taylor Swift (truly) – the same comment but from different addresses and then the same comment again but with random mispellings.

I zeroed the spam filter (sorry Phantom) and shortly thereafter in popped another another message:


It is spam obviously and declared to be such by whatever Bayesian algorithms are running the spam filter. But…what is it for? An advert for being a freelance paralegal? What is a freelance paralegal anyway? Is it an attempt to create links for “” – which appears to be a Linux forum?

Searches on the IP address takes me straight to a spam reporting website which lists a long list of comments caught by other spam filters on othe rblogs for the same IP address. Often, but always, linked to a or similar website but sometimes no website or the BBC.

Anyway, no, changing into a freelance paralegal would not be a good possibility for me.






  1. sfrazer2015

    Spam plays a pretty big part in competitive search engine rankings. It’s not uncommon for someone jealous of a company’s Google rank to unleash a batch of spam with links back to the target in order to get Google to penalize them.

    It usually doesn’t work, but the barrier to entry for the attempt is pretty low.

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  2. stevejwright

    My guess would be the chain of thought goes something like: Kinder Surprise => choking hazard => lawsuits => make money as unqualified lawyer. But it’s just a guess. (Now off to make big $$$ by becoming a freelance paraspammer.)

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  3. Stewart

    A paralegal is someone who does the leg work for a lawyer. (Wikipedia has an article.) A freelance paralegal is a paralegal who does not work for a particular law practice on a salary, but who contracts to do the leg work for particular cases.

    As for the spam, it used to be the case that you’d get junk mail offering training to become a bookkeeper with the promise that you could make lots of money as a freelance bookkeeper. I can imagine a similar scheme offering paralegal training. In the absence of any such offer I speculate that it’s broken spam.

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