Tuesday Beer: Galactopus @LittleBangBrew

It’s a Tuesday evening and I’ve a hectic day of work tomorrow, so I probably shouldn’t consume three cans of 10% abv barelywine but…
…I know my readers would WANT me to drink a beer called “Galactopus”, which features a planet devouring octopus on the label.

The sacrifices I make for you all.


It was very nice and made my head spin somewhat.



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  2. David Langford

    To quote Ansible: “Cat Rambo, speaking ex cathedra as SFWA President, says that ‘all forms of game writing will be eligible’ for the new Nebula category Best Game Writing, to be first presented in 2018 for 2017 work.” You just need a good rules lawyer to argue at suitable length (probably several standlees) that drinking games are a subset of games and that beer label copy is drinking-game writing. Bingo!

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