Review: Kinder Surprise

In a previous post I looked at the egg like oddity that is a Kinder Joy. In the interest of balance here is the more traditional Kinder Surprise.

The foil has gained a strange edge since the last time I’d seen one. 

The wrapper is two pieces of foil crimped together.

The egg. Now I need to caution readers as the next bit may be shocking!

Inside the egg is a mysterious capsule…

DON’T eat the capsule! 

Did I mention that the inside surface of the outer egg is white chocolate? This has always seemed odd to me. Wouldn’t it look more egg-like if the OUTSIDE was white? Taste wise it’s not that great but there isn’t a lot of it.

When I was a kid I think the capsule split into two pieces but these days it’s a more integrated unit.

No specified gender for the toy unlike Kinder Joy.

Time to assemble and it was a minor challenge – which is good I think. I’m not talking about some serious intellectual challenge but you have to pause a moment to think about it.

It’s a dog!

Good dog. Would rescue from inside a chocolate egg. 12/10.


One comment

  1. Cora

    The strange foil edge seems to be a newish development in Kinder surprise eggs, though the ones I bought for St. Nicholas Day (a trick or treat type holiday and Kinder surprise eggs make great treats) last year already had it. I don’t recall the capsule being semi-joined, but then it’s been a while since I’ve actually cracked a Kinder surprise egg open (I mostly buy them to delight other people’s kids these days).

    I like the dog. Plus, he looks a bit like Scooby Doo, which fits in with yesterday’s post.

    BTW, Kinder Surprise Eggs also come in a gendered pink version for girls. A few years ago, I accidentally bought a pallet of the pink eggs for St. Nicholas Day and then had to go back to buy some regular eggs, because I get trick or treaters of various genders, not just girls.