Vote Labour June 8

Or vote tactically and if your are in Scotland then maybe SNP but for goodness sake don’t vote Tory and NOT voting is effectively voting Tory.


Is Labour flawed? Seriously? When has it ever not been? Any political party and any government in a democracy is a patchwork of alliances and compromises across competing ideologies. My past issues with Corbyn was that I didn’t feel he got that and now that he has got that I’m not sure about the compromises made…but that’s just because I’m a whiny leftist.



  1. stevejwright

    Sounds like a plan to me. (Though I live in one of the safest Conservative seats in the country… but I can do my bit to make it fractionally less safe, I guess.)


  2. Scurra

    I’m in a weird situation because I live in Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency. And he’s already going to be one of the few MPs in the country to get >50% of the vote, probably of his whole electorate, not just of those who turn up.
    But we’re also one of the top five or so constituencies that voted Remain in the referendum. And whilst Labour policy on “Brexit” is far more mature than that of the Theresa May fanclub, it’s still tough for me and a lot of people I know to support someone who clearly has such a different view on what is such a critical issue for me.

    Then again, it’s quite cool to live in a party leader’s constituency – and extraordinary to think that neither of the current leaders were even a remote prospect of that at the last election, and that was only two years ago!

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