Attendance Trends at Timothy Con

As people in the next-door reality to this one are well aware*, one of the best SF conventions (or covfefentions as they are known there) is Timothy Con. There all things Timothy the Talking Cat related are discussed.

Sadly, unlike conventions in this reality, bizarre right-wing coup attempts have not been a feature and so, sadly, attendance has declined. Here is a graph that tells the sad tale:


“But how,” you may ask, “do you get these numbers when it is an alternate reality?”. That is simple, I have a spreadsheet formula that communicates with alternate realities.


Straw-Puppy Con, from a reality three doors over, was doing much better. Sadly, too much/not enough leftwing politics in 2014 caused a major decline in membership.



*[or would be if it weren’t for the weasel flu pandemic distracting them]

4 thoughts on “Attendance Trends at Timothy Con

  1. Not sure how much covfefedence to put in these numbers. I’m covfefenvinced that the decline in attendance is caused not by the coups (which the core Timothy-Con covfefestituency actually seems to enjoy) but rather to the introduction of a new mandatory dry-cleaning fee, the unavailability of golf carts, and the decision to have a French guest of honour greet attendees at the door with a firm handshake. And sadly, appointing Ted Nugent as Safety Committee Chair was probably the covfefe-de-grace for hopes of positive “coverage” in the liberal media.


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