Month: Jun 2017

  • Today’s unsubtle political satire

  • Disinvite, Disavow, DisinCat?

    [Scene: darkness]

  • Review: This Census Taker – Hugo2017 Novella

    I like puzzles and I like puzzles that I can’t solve but which have a nice structure to them. I even like unsolvable puzzles, which I guess are technically not puzzles at all but things that feel like they have solutions. The aesthetic of puzzles is that they should combine both a sense of curiosity […]

  • Rise of the Scrappy Doos

      *I prefer to name groups by how they name themselves but the latest version of Puppyness arising out of the fading away of the Sad Puppy brand doesn’t have a name of their own. Based on my earlier post on recent events, I think “The Scrappy Doos” is a decent moniker to cover a […]

  • Sad Popcorn

    I’m stuck for a word and being stuck made me wonder whether the proper hierarchy is: spat < flame-war <  brouhaha < kerfuffle? “Spat” seems the right term for what I want but ‘fallout’ also works, so I’ll name this the ‘End of Sad Puppies Fallout Spat’. In which nothing very much happens but which […]

  • Review: Doctor Who – World Enough and Time

    I’ll start with the problems: The trailers spoiled what was a cleverly done slow reveal of the baddies. So we all knew John Simm was coming back to play the master and that the classic Mondasian Cybemen were going to appear. Pearl Mackie put in another tremendous performance but once again Bill had to die-but-not […]

  • Sunday Beer: Boom Double IPA  

  • Currently Reading: Hugo Packet Novellas

    It’s time for the not-so-big one but bigger than the two other ones! In other news: things aren’t looking good for me versus Best Series, in which I’ve read exactly ZERO extra since the Hugo finalists were announced. Best Series – the category that somehow manages to combine elements of both the protestant work ethic […]

  • Some updates on Timothy’s PR work

    Tim is too busy to write this himself so here are some general updates and questions: A question from a reader: “Is Timothy’s career choice in anyway inspired by the Princess Carolyn character  from Bojack Horseman?” – no, we only started binge watching Bojack Horseman the other day when I realised I’d let that Netflix […]

  • Hugo 2017: Best Graphic Story

    There is a lot to praise in this category. There is a lot of variety in the styles of stories and the finalists genuinely look like a selection of what is worth paying attention to in the field. Particular congratulations to the Hugo packet organiser, who manage to get full versions of the works into […]