Review: Doctor Who – Knock, Knock

The downside of the back-to-basics plan for this season becomes apparent with this episode. Pearl Mackie puts in a strong performance and guest star David Suchet was suitably creepy but the story feels lazy. A spooky haunted house and a cast of characters disappearing one by one. More than enough to give younger viewers nightmares but it still felt like there was nothing for anybody else.

While last weeks Thin Ice didn’t take the series to any new places, it still managed to add some depth to the characters and talk about the oft-revisited 19th-century London in a new way.

The show is searching for the special balance.

2 thoughts on “Review: Doctor Who – Knock, Knock

  1. I liked it. I was a bit scared myself, Suchet was very creepy, and the Doctor as cranky grandfather is a nice call-back to his origins.


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