Month: May 2017

  • If You Want to Write a Book, Write Every Third 5 Minute Interval in a Period of 15 Minutes, Also Never Sleep

    There are many websites where you can get writing advice, for example, this one: Here at Felapton Towers and via our leading Science Fiction/Fantasy/Military History publishing arm Cattimothy House, we meet and train many aspiring authors – people who we’ve turned from mere robotic vacuum cleaners into leading voices in modern fiction. We’ve compiled […]

  • Review: Doctor Who – The Pyramid at the End of the World

    Peter Harness co-wrote this middle part of the current Doctor Who three-parter. His previous Doctor Who credits includes the divisive Kill the Moon and the more liked but unconventional Zygon Invasion/Zygon Inversion two-parter. There is a tiny but odd reference to Kill the Moon when the Doctor describes the Earth of the near future as […]

  • Hugo 2017: Short Story

    I think it is fair to say that the most serious damage done to a Hugo category during the Puppy campaigns (both Sad and Rabid) was to the Short Story category. No Award won in 2015 when faced with a set of stories that at best rose to the level of mediocre. Upsettingly the choice […]

  • Review: Seven Surrenders by Ada Palmer

    This review meanders somewhat and assumes you’ve read the book and also maybe all those notes I wrote. So, no it isn’t really a very useful review of a book! So I’ll start with: yes, I got a lot of enjoyment out of these books 🙂 I’ve split things into sections so you can skip […]

  • Review: Alien Covenant

    Had to leave the house but soon discovered that sitting down was the only viable option. So shuffled into the multiplex like the guy in a movie about some horrible outbreak of an apocalyptic zombie infection. Trying to check back over the past few weeks to see if I’d been exposed to any weasels. Alien […]

  • Sorry for the radio silence

    The meat robot is under attack by bacteria determined to repurpose it as a mucus factory. Fighting back with soup, lying down, and binge watching Netflix.

  • I’m not saying cats are evil but…

    …mine is using mind control on foreign leaders using an eldritch globe.

  • Review: Denial (Movie 2016)

    An interesting dramatisation of the libel trial in which Holocaust denier David Irving sued American academic Deborah Lipstadt for libel. In 1993 Deborah Lipstadt published the book Denying the Holocaust, an approachable but detailed discussion of Holocaust denial as a phenomenon and the major players in Holocaust denial circles. David Irving, a self-taught military historian […]

  • Link round up

    Is PowerPoint a Turing machine? More on book covers, this time academic book covers and why they should be attractive An interracial marriage in Georgian England Cora on space opera And Liz Bourke on space opera PZ Myers on Rafael Núñez and numbers and why they are like snowboarding […]

  • Review: Doctor Who – Extremis

    A cracking episode in which Doctor Who crashes a Dan Brown novel, has flashbacks to Missy being executed and then gets pretty damn dark. Did it all make sense? No, not really but really it had everything, including the Pope crashing Bill’s date. The re-mixing old ideas continued apace in this episode. The virtual reality […]

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