Hugo 2017: Best Dramatic Presentation Short

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Best Dramatic Presentation Short! In reverse order:

  • No Award: I won’t be using in this category. What I’ve seen/listened too has been award worthy and I trust that what I haven’t seen is award worth also.
  • Not on the ballot: Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards and The Door. Sorry GRRM but I haven’t watched them. Sad to hear about Hodor.
  • The Expanse: Leviathan Awakes. Yes, entertaining, competent Sci-Fi but not blow your socks away brilliant.
  • Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio. An entertaining Moffat rom-com invades a Doctor Who episode that is invading a superhero origin story. Funny and clever and the only Doctor Who we got in 2016. But outstandingly good? Nope.
  • Black Mirror: San Junipero.  Speaking of heartwarming…Deeply touching and subtle science fiction with top notch acting. Really worth voting number one for this and definitely streets ahead of all the other TV nominees (that I’ve seen).
  • Splendor and Misery. Narrowly but significantly beats San Junipero for my top position. Futuristic but deeply connected to the past. Musically innovative and emotionally engaging. Really deserves a Hugo Award.

3 thoughts on “Hugo 2017: Best Dramatic Presentation Short

  1. I suspect San Junipero will be my #1. Despite a bit of a stumble as it transitioned to the second half it was a very good piece of TV. (I do wonder if it would particularly stand out as a prose short story though)
    I need to rewatch a couple of things to decide the lower order. I’ve had a couple of tries at Splendor and Misery and can only conclude it’s Just Not For Me. If it wins then I’ll cheer an album getting recognised though!
    Mostly isn’t it nice to be voting without wondering where NA should go.


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