Review: Doctor Who – The Pilot, Season 10 Ep 1

A cheeky title for the first episode of Steven Moffat’s last season as show-runner. Doctor Who has two kinds of required episodes: the new companion intro and the regeneration episode and keeping those episodes fresh can be a challenge. The Pilot does what it needs to do very well – it keeps the focus on Bill, a cafeteria worker at Bristol University, a without belabouring a backstory, gives a sense of a three-dimensional person grounded in the real world.

Without delving into the story, it has the nice balance of spooky, silly and running away that you might want out of a Doctor Who episode. No startlingly original ideas but rather a focus on a fresh take on the familiar.

Framed as both an introduction to a new companion and a re-introduction to the series, there are lots of nods to the past from the pictures of River Song and Susan on the Doctor’s desk to a Dalek cameo. Something for everybody.

6 thoughts on “Review: Doctor Who – The Pilot, Season 10 Ep 1

  1. I liked the clever idea of a Dalek “cameo” rather than making them the core of the story. And the slightly less frenetic pace felt good too (although I am in the Moffat-isn’t-over-complicated-just-under-explained camp.)


  2. I liked. The actual story was okay but not brilliant, but everything around it worked really well. I didn’t even hate Matt Lucas, and he normally gets on my nerves. Bill has potential.


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