Today in unintended irony: Vox Day finds his own comment section far too rude

In a piece on his blog entitled ‘On Vulgarity’, Vox Day discovers that there are too many rude words in his comment section. Those gosh-darn internet yahoos are saying all the swears.

“Anyhow, the moderators and I are going to start deleting comments containing vulgarity on sight and spamming those who refuse to moderate their language. Nor am I interested in any discussion of what words are acceptable and what are not. If you’re going to play the childish game of “let’s see how close to the line I can dance”, I’m just going to delete your comment for being tedious and immature. If your comment is nothing but an insult directed at me or someone else, it’s instant spam. And remember, these are Google comments and any spamming will affect your account across all Google products.”

Sadly, it doesn’t seem that praising murder or cheerleading genocide are included in the list of ‘vulgarity’. The truth is though, that at its heart the alt-right is an attempt to ideologize trolls, bullies and sexual harassers in much the same way the far-right had more traditionally recruited from street thugs and football hooligans. Now that VD wants to appear more serious and respectable, the vulgarity looks off brand.

“I’d much rather have five intelligent comments than 400 comments when most of them consist of idiots escalating rhetorical hostilities and talking past each other. While it’s fine to criticize, disagree, and utilize rhetoric, you’re going to have to learn how to do so without resorting to the insults and vulgarities that many of you have been using in the recent past.”

Hmmm, FIVE intelligent comments? You may be setting the bar a little high for your minions there.

P.S. There is also a massive sulk in mid-post that his lackeys didn’t praise him enough for his analysis over the Syria attack something something China etc.

“So, next time, don’t ask me to make my predictions on this sort of thing public if I have chosen to withhold them for one reason or another. There is literally no reason for me to do so. When I get it wrong like everyone else, I hear about it for years. And when I am very nearly the only one to get it more or less right, everyone either ignores it or simply pretends it was obvious in retrospect”

Never mind that Vox, hands up everybody who is cool with our second favourite extreme right-wing SF editor NEVER making ANY of his opinions public about anything ever again? Wow, lots of hands. 😉



  1. delagar

    This will have the added benefit (for Vox) of him being able to claim, when anything happens, that he correctly predicted it (MONTHS ago), but just didn’t bother to say so. ARISTOTLE!

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  2. KR

    Two thoughts.
    1) I assume this counts as an example of “tone policing”? If SJW’s always lie, I guess the Alt-Right always project. 🙂
    and 2) it really, really bugs me that he doesn’t ever use the word rhetoric correctly. Ever.

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    • Matt Y

      Twitter is against free speech because they banned him. When he bans people it’s not the same however. Sounds like his blog is experiencing what he defines as convergence.

      It’s really funny to me that his blog full of pedophilia and rape accusations, bigotry, and nationalism he’s offended by the tone of his comments section. The man who wrote ‘Cuckservative’ and says cuck more than a rooster with a stutter is upset at vulgarity. I sometimes wonder if he’s some sort of really dark performance art than a sad attempt at existence.

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  3. Kat Goodwin

    So let that be a lesson to you all — if you’re going to talk about how great it is to throw acid in women’s faces as a social control, don’t call them “vulgar” names when you do it because it makes your sadism too rude. Joy. 8)


  4. Space Oddity

    Watching the Dark Lord Gossage-Vardebedian Spode flail about how uncouth the Black Shorts are is so… deeply amusing. Especially when coupled with his standard preening, of how he is a genius, and more correct then anyone else.

    I can’t wait to see the upcoming shenanigans for the Dragon “Award” play out. Something tells me his “fellows” are going to discover the true value of Beale as an… ally.


    • Lurkertype

      Hey Space Oddity, have been meaning to ask about your increasingly-long term for Teddy. I don’t understand it, yet I like it. What does it mean, so I can like it even more?


      • mickyFinn

        I have taken the liberty of attempting a translation of Space Oddity’s choice of names for teddy, I believe that Gossage-Vardebedian is a reference to this, with teddy playing both parts. Spode is in reference to Roderick Spode, 7th Earl of Sidcup, a fictional nazi sympathizer and amateur dictator from the work of P G Wodehouse.


      • Lurkertype

        Ah! I knew there was a vague familiarity to all the names, in that I had a positive reaction and was sure I’d read it before but couldn’t remember.

        And indeed I had in my lost youth.


        Thanks Mr. or Ms. Finn.