Currently Binge Watching: The Expanse Series 1

Catching up on Netflix with The Expanse. Good but not great.



  1. KasaObake

    I really liked the first 5 minutes and then with each episode I liked it less and less. I stopped around episode 4 when I realised I just wasn’t paying any attention to the show at all.


  2. delagar

    I think I made it further than episode 4, but I also quit watching somewhere in the middle of season 1, and for the same reason — I just stopped caring what happened.

    Does it get better later on?


  3. Ken J.

    I watched the first episode and then quit. Introducing a bunch of interesting characters, and then killing them off in the first episode, is a turn-off for me. (I had somewhat the same reaction to “Binti,” which introduces a bunch of the narrator’s fellow students and travellers, only to kill them off a few pages later.)