Hugo 2017 – Currently reading: Deaths End by Liu Cixin

Book three of The Three-Body Problem. Book 2 The Dark Forest didn’t have that same spark as the first book but was not unentertaining. What I’ve enjoyed about these books is that the beats and plots changes are unexpected even when the concepts are conventional.

Deaths End, so far, reads more like a direct sequel to The Three Body Problem rather than the Dark Forest. Not only leaping back to the main setting of TBP but going back even further. The book opens with the siege of Constantinople and a neat little SF story about a woman with a surprising power.

If you didn’t like TBP then Deaths End probably isn’t going to be much better for you. However, if you liked TBP but found Book 2 a bit dry, maybe Deaths End is worth a go. We’ll see…



  1. KasaObake

    I enjoyed TBP and DF in different ways. I’m looking forward to reading DE too but damn, it’s so long. I always struggle to get up the motivation to read a huge doorstopper like this, even when I know I’ll like it.

    I’ve been really enjoying the surge of Chinese SFF coming out lately – or perhaps I’ve just been made more aware of the things that were already there thanks to the increased spotlight because of TBP. I’d love to see more translations of more languages (particularly East Asian) coming out in SFF and in the wider literary world too.


    • camestrosfelapton

      I’ve got into it quite quickly but it still really feels like a direct sequel to 3BP rather than a sequel DF. Plot wise – so it isn’t a difference in translators necessarily.


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